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When the world is struck by a disastrous event like a pandemic, people turn to god for help. Although the Lord Almighty doesn’t show up at your doorway or speak loud in your ears, you can feel his voice when you pray for clemency. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the lives of many. Some lose their loved ones while others are stunned by the economic crisis. The dead won’t come back, but those who live are combating the hardship of the deadly coronavirus. If you are still alive and kicking, opt for church streaming Sunday service online. Church communities are reaching out to believers by offering Online Worship Experience on Sundays through their social media platforms.

Importance of prayer

The outbreak of coronavirus panicked the entire population of different demographics in this world. While communities in contaminated zones are facing death, people who live alone are likely to fall into depression and other serious mental disorders. At the same time, the numbers of coronavirus deaths are soaring up in many countries. The only hope to survive the pandemic is praying for one and all.
Since humans depend on one another in a chain reaction, an impact on a small part of the chain can cause a domino effect. For example, if a manufacturing unit is infected with coronavirus, the business owner may stop the production of goods instantly. This can severely affect the harmony between supply and demand. The fresh out of stock in the retail store can lead to panic buying and riots. That is why safety for all sections of people is essential during the pandemic. No matter a person is your family member or a total stranger, you can pray through Sunday live stream church for overall wellbeing. Such a practice can preserve the chain reactions among one another.

How to pray during COVID – 19

You may not be an expert in the Bible or the Testament, but you can pray by conveying the message from bottom of your heart. In the name of Heavenly Father, pray for your parents, relatives, and neighbors who are going through a tough time. Those who are aging or have underlying illnesses like diabetes or cardio related diseases are more vulnerable than healthy ones. You can be on your feet or kneel on your knees god will hear those words as long as you trust Him. Regularly praying will also heighten your faith in god. Although you are scared thinking COVID – 19 can get you anytime, praying will boost your self-confidence. When you affirm your belief, you will feel much stronger than ever.

Sometimes you may lose your way while seeking salvation. If you want a guiding light to lead your way, listen to gospels and prayers on Sunday live stream church. Send emails to the church services and you will get instant reply from pastors, staff on-hand, and monitoring comments on social media pages.

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