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By ANSHULSHARMA 1,974 views

Start-To-Finish Guide to 10 Unbeaten Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Social Media

For years now, social media has been playing an essential role in connecting end-users with businesses. When combined with an affiliate marketing agency, it opens new ways for brands to make money online. From small to large scale businesses, all are making excessive use of social media for brand promotion. Affiliate marketing and social media platforms go hand-in-hand. It is a method through which other websites and publishers promote your brand. A social media advertising expert gets rewarded every time a product reaches the customer and visitors convert into potential buyers. To have a better understanding of affiliate marketing and the role of social media platforms in affiliate marketing, let us first learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a model that enables brands to partner with individuals or companies to track their performance efficiency cost-effectively. Let us say that A is a Direct-to-Customer company engaged in selling wedding accessories products. Its affiliate program may partner with the affiliate marketing agency manufacturing wedding attire or matrimonial sites or the publishers possessing expertise in promoting sign-ups for various free options on your website. The payment is based on the actual outcomes achieved. Check out Diggity Marketing’s new post about tips of best affiliate programs and SEO.

Affiliate Marketing Components


Companies engaged in social media advertising services, such as those involved in a retail business, transportation, telecom, e-commerce, etc. are among the essential components.

Affiliates (Partners)

These are marketing partners of brands, such as bloggers, mobile apps, mass media sites, etc.

Affiliate Networks

These take care of all the tracking, reporting, and payments. These networks enhance the business visibility of the brands.

Software as a Service (Saas) Platforms

These platforms provide technological support to a company through its affiliate program.


Affiliate marketing agency plays the role of fulfilling the affiliate program’s technological requirements on behalf of brands.


These are the end-users of the affiliates for whom the affiliate program is generated.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

Like others, this concept works on partnership based on trust and transparency in its execution. As for any business activity, the main objective of an affiliate marketing agency is to create a mutually beneficial marketing strategy.

Illustration of Affiliate Marketing in Operation

  1. A brand’s product or service is promoted
  2. The customer clicks on the brand’s promotion, and this information is stored as a cookie on the customer’s browser for tracking customer’s progress.
  3. Customer is redirected to the brand’s website
  4. Customer purchases a product
  5. A commission is automatically paid by the Saas Platform to the affiliate for achieving this sale.

Tracking Performance

It is one of the most critical components for tracking customer’s marketing activity for the brand to achieve higher ROI (Return on Investment) for its future transactions. The various tools of tracking structure are:

  • Registrations, email sign-ups, giveaway entries
  • Sales, orders, subscriptions
  • Conversion Rate
  • New Vs. Returning Customers
  • Average Order Value
  • Cost Per Action (CPA)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Affiliate Management Program

Most of the companies manage their affiliate marketing online or partner with an agency for its operations. There can roughly be three different kinds of management programs that can be adopted:

  1. In-House program

It is most suitable for small enterprises having few partners. Secondly, it suits companies that do not tend to grow their program.

  1. Agency program suits

The companies with little or no knowledge of industry operations and those who lack in-house resources consider agency program suits.

  1. Hybrid program management suits

It is for the companies that require a big team for the execution of their program. The companies, who endeavor to use an agency for a particular purpose or to look for the strategic expansion of their business, use hybrid program management suits.

Significant Components of Affiliate Marketing Strategy 

Preferred Social Media Networks

Affiliate marketing on Social Media Networks strategically depends on the necessary groundwork carried out in identifying the leading media networks for business activity in a particular region or country. Media networks’ preference amongst the population of a specific place plays a crucial role in carrying out the marketing operations for a specific brand of a company.

For example, if we take the United States’ case, the Male and Female Preferences of Social Media Networks in the US:


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat


  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

From the above, it can be ascertained that the social media networks are different in preference for males and females in the US, where Twitter is the first preference amongst Males; it is least preferred by the Females and so on.

 Indian Social Network Potential

As per the latest trends in digital India, around half of the world’s population is interconnected through the internet, and India is the world’s second-largest country with social media users and social media mobile users.

India’s Digital Population

Out of 688 million internet users in India, 400 million are social media users, and out of 630 million active mobile internet users, 400 million are active mobile social media users.

Potential Users

India’s Social Network Penetration presently is around 24 percent, and it is estimated that about 31 percent of India’s population shall be accessing social media networks by the year 2023.

In India, Facebook is easily the leading social media network, whereas Twitter and YouTube lag far behind in their acceptance as preferred social media networks.

Therefore, the essential ingredient of Affiliate Social Media Marketing is identifying the most preferred social media network, followed by the adoption of a network-specific marketing strategy. Now let us dig in deep about the ten best social media marketing strategies that will help any business to achieve its goals.

Top 10 Social Media Affiliate Marketing Strategies

  1. Redirect link creation is the key

To be precise, there are chances that people may not look out for a raw affiliate URL and simply won’t click it. For any affiliate marketing agency, turning raw affiliate links into clickable redirect links is an essential strategy. Affiliate links are infamously tricky to type out due to random strings of numerical values and alphabets used to recognize affiliates. Creating a redirect link helps in engaging more audiences and resultantly more clicks. It is a strategy that is extremely helpful for social media advertising services.

  1. Are you sure about your content?

Going by the affiliate marketing statistics, websites with appealing blog sections attract more engagement and lead generations than businesses that do not provide visitors with blogs. With a notable growth expansion of social media marketing and email marketing, its content becomes widespread on different platforms. An affiliate marketing agency works on building a content marketing strategy to improve and increase traffic engagement. For blog-specific websites, optimizing the content with targeted keywords is vital for lead generation and brings in more traffic. Creating a review article or video for the website or working on case studies content would prove fruitful for business growth and development.

  1. Photos- The first impression is the last. Remember?

You might forget the content or caption written on an image but not the message a photo conveys. For social media engagement, attention-grabbing photos work amazingly well as an affiliate marketing strategy. Photos make your scrolling speed slow or stop, sometimes. It’s just a game of microseconds that a picture may attract you and stop by to explore more about the context of that image and its message. Using appropriate product or services photos that go along with the social media for affiliate marketing posts will grab visitors and audiences’ attention. A social media advertising expert must keep in mind that for social media platforms like Instagram, the quality and grid formation of photos play a crucial role. The best part about photos is that you can quickly and persuasively talk about the content with pictures on a website. Another critical factor is to create links with your photos. This way, you can also add essential keywords and relevant information about the product or services with the photos.

  1. Focus on high-quality affiliate products 

Affiliate marketing via social media platforms is an ideal way of product promotion, but linking to lower quality products is not the right method. To conduct affiliate marketing online, you should perform a thorough study based on different digital marketing programs to pick the best and high-quality products for your audience. Also, don’t stick with just one pattern, explore more, and use different graphics and content to understand the user behavior and respond to a particular product. You can attract more visitors by making the required changes in the ads. The affiliate marketing experts say that digital information products have more potential for grabbing viewers’ attention and generating higher conversion rates.

  1. Don’t give up on your existence. 

Stagnancy is a part of every digital marketing or affiliate marketing process. Don’t lose hope. Even if the products or content don’t give you expected results or outcomes, sit back and wait but don’t disappear. Instead, understand what the hiatus for the stagnant engagement is. To generate lifetime revenues, you need to wait and remain active on social media networking sites. Social media advertising services should be regularly conveyed to the end-users to keep them engaged. Social media affiliate marketing efforts include online visibility and visibility on different social media platforms to active user engagement. Even if you are unable to focus on all the social media networking platforms, better try sticking to one. But the content and graphics on that one platform should be able to cover all information about your business.

  1. Improve connections with other affiliate marketers

Learning about new techniques and methods of affiliate marketing will help you achieve your business goals. It becomes essential to get in touch with other affiliate marketers to understand the latest trends better. Regular interaction with the affiliate marketing experts will help any business gain popularity and improving followers. This way, you will be able to popularize your social media advertising services and share links with the potential affiliate marketers. Sometimes considering other affiliate marketers isn’t only about keeping a check on your competitors. It will also help you understand the better use of social media marketing tools for the upliftment of your business. It has become the need of the hour to get complete knowledge of social media tools and techniques.

  1. Be acquainted with your audience. 

Posting your affiliate marketing links to specific audiences will help you narrow down your approach and gain instant popularity. A proper and complete understanding of the target audience and end-user is an ultimate way to increase organic traffic for your business and website. An affiliate marketing agency should precisely know the specific groups on different social media platforms to deliver information about their products and services. Complete knowledge about the needs and requirements of the target audiences will help educate your audience about services and business goals. It will also help in effective lead generation and improved sales.

  1. Watch your content

Content writing is an art. A social media advertising expert would understand the prevailing content trends in the affiliate marketing world. Apart from the lead generating and bringing more traffic to your business, compelling content will also help in making a tremendous amount of money for your business. Based on the competitors, trending content patterns, and target niche, you can decide upon promoting affiliate products via social media platforms. Also, keep yourself updated with the right keywords according to your business needs.

  1. Entice them with striking offers 

Attract your audiences or end-users with some compelling offers and discounts. It will help in improving brand awareness and lead generation. Regardless of the quality of the product, the flashy discounts and alluring offers help affiliate marketers in attracting more customers towards your business. It depends on the handler of social media advertising services that how he wants to bring different suggestions related to products to the audiences. This strategy will create a win-win situation to earn sales and generate revenue.

  1. Generation Z and millennial – New Target

The trend of social media marketing is showing no signs of decline, even in the nearest future. And the best thing about this rising trend is that the next generation and the millennial can be easily targeted by an affiliate marketing agency. Thus, businesses have the ultimate chance of revenue generation of around 1.5 million from daily visitors and viewers. The increasing usage of social media among millennials is a positive sign for any business regardless of size and type.

Bottom line 

Thus, social media is beyond doubt, a great way to get a branded online presence. It depends on top affiliate marketing agencies that execute these social media strategies to generate leads and bring more traffic to their respective brand. A social media advertising expert would know how to make the best use of social media platforms to welcome more clicks and more traffic.


Anshul Sharma is a well-reputed Digital marketer with extensive experience in his respective field. He is currently serving as the CEO of Brandburp.