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Do you think that Shawls are something that is meant for women only? Then, you are completely wrong. Since ancient times, men are wearing gorgeous shawls just like women do. Nowadays, many designers have also come up with their collection of Cashmere Shawls for men. The rich fabric has incorporated so well with the creation to create a magnificent collection.

The cashmere shawl is not only very warm and comfortable in the winter but also quite elegant and classy. It can complement the traditional dresses of men. If you want to know how to style your shawl, then here are some style suggestions to rock the festive season.

• Royal Style:

In case, you don’t like over-styling, then you can simply use this style to wear the Cashmere Shawl. In this way, you have to simply lay over the shawl on one shoulder while the other end will be hanging in front of the body. For a clean appearance, you can also pleat the shawl before wearing it. This is the most classic way to look elegant and stylish in the most effortless way.

• Aesthetic Way:

For the people who want the aesthetic look, this is the most suitable way to style the shawl. For that, you have to pleat the shawl properly before wearing it. After that, you need to put the middle part of the pleated shawl on your shoulder and take one end over the chest and under the arm. You can tuck both ends together.

• Tie a Knot:

It is another classy way to style the cashmere shawl. You can do this look with a long coat and jacket as well. You have to tie the shawl in front of your neck. There is no much fuss in the tie as you just knot it simply. You need to tuck both ends inside your coat or jacket. It will provide excellent warmth to your neck as well.

• Wrap Around Style:

When you are in hurry, this is the best style you can do. You need to drape the shawl from your neck so that both the ends hang equally from each side. Now criss-cross both ends and then take it around the back of your neck. Finally, you need to bring both the ends forward and adjust both the ends to get the desired length.

• Front Drape:

You can wear the Cashmere shawl without any pleats by simply styling it as royal. This is an effortless style as well. You need to keep the shawl on one shoulder and flow it over. Take the back end to the front and then wrap it with your wrist. It is an excellent way to drape the shawl with any ethnic outfit.

• Ascot Style:

This is the formal way to wear shawls for men. You can follow this style with the wedding blazer. You need to drape both the end of the shawls from your neck and then make a knot and you are all ready to rock the evening.

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