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stylish gifts
By DHEERAJ SHARMA 1,558 views

Stylish Gifts For Working Mothers

All matters are working women if one is inclined to suppose it that way. Raising a child is an onerous task irrespective of whether you’re a partner or a breadwinner.

This makes it an accurate saying that when you go into labor, you noway go out of it. But for those mothers who spend their time in the services or the workplaces, the job of fatherhood becomes redundant.

So, let’s celebrate the devotion of all the working mothers who have espoused a professional life while nurturing their youthful bones. And to do that, we’ve curated a list that would ease every working mama’s workday. Then there are the stylish gifts for working mothers.

Commuter Backpack

canvas tote bag

This canvas tote bag will be her perfect partner for commuting. Spacious and durable, this canvas tote bag cum canvas backpack boasts a design that makes it easily carryable with space enough to help her stow all her essentials in one go.

It’ll make an ideal gift for a working mother.

Candles Set

Set of fragrance Candles

Perhaps the best way to celebrate the blessings of all working mothers is to help them relax a bit. This special occasion, helps her go through meditative introspection by gifting her a set of fragrance Candles that will help her unlock and embrace herself with a welcoming aroma, ready to transcend her senses.

A Book


To enrich her leisure time, a book of her favorite genre will be adored by her. Give her a moment of serenity, help her uplift her mood, or improve her vocabulary. A book will always make a unique gift for any working mom.

A Safe Book

Book of Untold Stories

The Book of Untold Stories is a perfect Mother’s Day gift for those who are bad at keeping secrets. Designed to hide anything from a noisy crowd this playful gifting item has a mini-safe inside a handwoven ikat book cover to conceal “untold” things even from the greatest detectives. Gift this to your mother, and help her keep a secret between you and her.

April Wallet

leather wallet for women

Your mother will definitely throw away her old purse when she receives this genuine leather wallet for women. Equipped with two compartments and a back pocket, it’ll ease all her storage needs and will complement her looks in a gala or a professional event.

Photo Frames

photo frame

Help her find solace indeed in the most stressful situations with a print frame that can beautify any space to remind her of fond recollections. Let her cherish her most bounded moments with a smile and help her escape to a window of nostalgia. This print frame will prove to be among the stylish gifts for working maters.

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The Sapper Pencil Box

leather pencil pouch

Inspired by the heritage of military engineering, this leather pencil poke is designed to blazon any office with its ideal mileage. Handcrafted from genuine leather, if your mama is looking for a commodity unique, also this leather pencil box will fit her needs impeccably. Give it to her on any occasion as a commemorative of success and she’ll surely appreciate it.

Personalized Water Bottle

personalized water bottle

Chances are when you’ll give an individualized water bottle to your mama, she’ll not give it back to you, especially if she’s living a work-from-home life. This gift will impeccably express your enterprises about her good and will encourage her to stay doused and follow a healthy life.

Leather Organisers

leather diary organisers

Smooth, and satiny, and functional; these leather organizers will help your mama get organized elegantly. She’ll no longer have to worry about losing track of her important document as these leather journal organizers will enable her to carry all her reports, business cards, pens, and more indeed when she’s on the move.

A Smart Wristwatch

smart wristwatch

Being a working mama is a busy profile, which generally involves constant shifting from private to professional life. A smart wristwatch can ease that transition by getting a particular adjunct, timetable, alarm timepiece, event memorial, fitness shamus, and of course, a watch. Plus, it’ll make a stylish gift for all working maters.

Reading And Writing Essentials

leather office accessories

When the hard work drains all the creative forces, these leather office accessories will instigate a creative inflow that all the working mothers will appreciate

The individualized leather tablet offers classic designs that invite a cultural retreat through their fine quality ivory wastes and genuine leather detailing. Adding to their faculty are handcrafted HB Pencils and sketching pencils with eraser tails that inspire words from the recesses of the mind, ideal for pens, intelligencers, and those who make constant miscalculations.

And if you prefer a little variety, also these brass Bookmarks for books with genuine leather tassels will continue to feed her curiosity indeed after interruptions in her reading sessions.


Now, you are fully equipped with all the knowledge that you need to gift your mother or mother figure. Choose from any of the best gifts for a working mom and surprise her on her birthday, anniversary, or Mother’s Day.

But remember, you don’t always need a special occasion to make that special person happy. Just choose a day and make it special.

Dheeraj sharma

I'm Assistant Digital Strategist at Nappa Dori. Here my responsibilities are to handle the Nappa Dori website and SEO, email marketing, and WordPress, some tools which gather Analytics. Nappa Dori is a leather goods company.