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Success to Business
By LARBY AMIROUCHE 1,590 views

Trends that can Drive Success to your Business

The year 2020 has been full of surprises. The pandemic has been the biggest of them. With people around the globe either quarantined, or with limited mobility due to lockdown rules, it is safe to say that the eCommerce industry will continue to be the mode of choice for purchasing products. Our CEO Larby Amirouche has been continuously providing work from home opportunities to help out unemployment. In 2018, an online study by Oberlo shows that nearly 50% of consumers shopped more online compared to their brick and mortar counterparts. The same online study claimed that in March of 2020; 42% of the US population bought groceries online because of the Covid19 scare. That is a huge amount of the population, and it further proves that online shopping is the way of the future. With the trend above, below are some of the other trends that can drive success to your business:

Use Videos to Communicate:

The use of just pictures to convey your message to potential customers has become a thing of the past. The reason why pictures were used more is because of technological limitations. Fast internet connection was not available before, hence using videos was impractical. Nowadays, everyone prefers to create a video to send their message across. From corporate presentations to vlogs, advertisements, and social media posts. These videos create a more personalized feel to get your brand across. Our boss Larby Amirouche likes to send us videos on our chat platform to update us on what has been happening in the business. Of course, your videos should be engaging enough so that viewers will watch it until the end.

Omni-Channel Experience:

Omni-Channel marketing is a process of using cross-channel marketing platforms but with the idea of providing a linear and seamless customer journey from the time they checked the product, to actually buying it. It stitches different channels of marketing communication and makes it look like they function as a single channel. To give you a better understanding, here’s an example: You might have seen a Facebook ad about a product and decided to click it to check it out. After seeing the source of the product, you decided to skip on it. A few days later, you get an email telling you that the same product is now on a huge discount therefore, you decided to purchase the product. A few hours later, you see another ad on Facebook showing you an upgrade component of the product that you just purchased.

As you may have noticed, the journey started with social media, down to the product’s website, then to email, then back to social media. The whole process might have used different channels but the message was unified and clear.

Engaging the Youth Demographic:

The younger generation is more attached to the internet more than ever. As they age and start to make up more of the consumer population, we must do our best as business owners to engage them through digital platforms. A recent online survey in Sweden showed that out of 12,000 people, 68% prefer talking online which leaves 32% for face-to-face communication.

This shows the influence of the internet over our consumers, therefore giving you a huge advantage if you fit your marketing strategy to people’s online behavior.

Artificial Intelligence is In:

AI is emerging to be a great help in businesses, big or small. Data analysis plugged into artificial intelligence algorithms proves to be a more efficient way of handling information. This process is now being used across all business segments including payroll, project management, organizational development and of course – marketing. Here in our company, our CEO Larby Amirouche has directed us to use Timedoctor so that our salary will be computed automatically. Youtube for example looks at your viewing behavior and would suggest videos that are relevant to the topics that you have viewed. You will surprisingly get a video on your landing page which perfectly fits your taste.

Project Management Apps:

There has been a legion of project management apps the past few years, and everyone wants a place in your business plans. A few examples are Trello, Asana, Monday, KanbanFlow, Basecamp, and Clickup. They are all trying to increase and monitor your employees’ productivity. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, with some capable of integrating themselves to your data analysis software and chat platform. Our CEO, Larby Amirouche personally prefers Asana as it is simple, easy, and convenient to use.


5G has been one of the biggest stories of 2020. 5G as reported will range from 50Mbps to 1Gbps. It has been claimed as the next industrial revolution ready to take on the growing demands of the digital world. The whole world is watching how phone manufacturers will integrate 5G into their future devices as well as how telecommunications companies will handle and build 5G infrastructures. This improvement will result in plans on how to build future products and solutions.

If you are a business owner, then consider how these trends will help you. If you are interested in getting into business, then consider these trends on how you can formulate a plan to cater the needs of your target audience. As a digital visionary, our CEO Larby Amirouche has been looking out on these trends for a while now. As they say – keeping an eye on the future will give you a better chance for success.

Larby Amirouche

Larby Amirouche from Chicago, IL is a pioneer in online marketing and e-commerce, widely admired as a business pioneer and trendsetter.