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healthy lifestyle
By LIAM SMITH 2,049 views

Avoid These 10 High in Sugar Foods and Beverages for Healthy LifeStyle

Sugar is an essential part of our daily meal and it increases the taste and sweetness of the food or drinks we are taking. But excessive sugar can result in diseases like diabetes that may become detrimental for your health. Different Doctors also advise young individuals to stop or limit the intake of a few food and beverages that are rich in sugar as people are not aware of them.

Such food and beverages are highly consumed by many individuals. Food like canned baked beans, canned fruits, cereal bars, and beverages like a premade smoothie, Vitamin waters, flavored coffees, and sports drinks all include a high level of sugar. Let’s get into the details of this 10 high in sugar food and beverages to avoid from now on.


In the food category following are some of the food that are high in sugar and you should avoid or limit their consumption.

  • Breakfast cereal

When you are in a hurry and do not have time to make proper breakfast then breakfast cereals are the best option to get ready for the morning routine. But some of the cereals contain sugar more than your need and its consumption can affect your sugar level. There are some cereals that contain 12 grams of sugar in their small 34-gram packet. So, before buying any cereal read the ingredients carefully.

  • Low-fat yogurt

No doubt yogurts are good for your health but low-fat yogurt are not that beneficial for your body. As many brands add sugar in it to maintain its flavor. A small cup of low-fat yogurt contains at least 11 teaspoons of sugar. Therefore it is better to use high-fat yogurt instead of those that have sugar.

  • Ketchup

Everyone loves ketchup and it is an important ingredient to use with any kind of fried food. But this delicious thing also contains a high quantity of sugar. As per the US Department of Agriculture in 1 tablespoon of the ketchup, there is at least 1 teaspoon of sugar.

  • Protein bars

If you want to treat your hunger in no time, eat the protein bar. This practice is done by many people and therefore they think it is ok to eat. But protein bars also contain the sugar which can easily disturb your sugar level.

  • Canned fruit

Fruits are rich in vitamins and increased the energy in your body. But canned fruits are different they have unnecessary sugar that can badly affect your body. If you want to eat fruit eat organic not canned fruits.


The following are some of the beverages that you must stop consuming in order to keep your sugar level normal.

  • Fruit juice

Like canned fruits, fruit juice also contains unnecessary sugar. Not only that but it also contains the artificial flavor. The Doctors in Faisalabad strictly advise parents to don’t give packed fruit juices to their children as they will have a bad effect on their bodies. Therefore, It’s better to make fresh fruit juice without sugar at home.

  • Sports drinks

Some people have a miss conception that sports drinks are best to consume right after exercise. But in reality, it is not the fact. Sports drinks also contain a high quantity of sugar that may increase the chances of obesity and metabolic disease. Therefore, it’s better to use protein shakes while exercising.

  • Flavored coffees

Flavored coffees are also rich in sugar. And sugar is not the only thing that will affect your body while enjoying flavored coffee but it also contains the caffeine that may raise your heartbeat and can affect your blood pressure. So it’s better to enjoy green tea instead of flavored coffee.

  • Iced tea

After Flavored coffee, iced tea is the next beverage that contain an excessive amount of sugar. According to data on USDA coke and iced tea contain an equal amount of sugar. So avoid drinking iced tea and stick to the normal tea to avoid becoming the victim of excessive sugar.

  • Vitamin water

The last in our list of high sugar beverages is Vitamin water. Again just like sports drinks people have the misconception that Vitamin water contains vitamins and minerals that are helpful for the body. But, in reality, it also contains a high quantity of sugar which is not good for your body. Therefore, it’s better if you stick to normal water.

Closing Remarks

Make the list of all these items and start monitoring the intake of above mentioned high in sugar food and beverages. After that try to control it by minimizing its consumption or by replacing it with healthy food.

Remember the greatest saying Health is wealth. Therefore, start developing good eating habits from now onwards and limit the use of excessive sugar for spending a happy and healthy life.

Liam Smith

Technical Content writing is my passion. I’ve broad expertise in writing for the technical field. I’m already writing for contribution sites as a freelance influencer. I wrote several articles on medium and lots of them are revealed on varied public.

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