We all know that we have to choose the right quality sunglasses, which offer 100% protection against UV rays, but when it comes to the color, we usually select depending on the tastes or shades that benefit us. Lenses of a particular color are especially recommended for some activities, and the more you know about them, the more comfortable you can choose the perfect glasses for you.

What you need to know from the beginning is that not only color is important. A pair of glasses with dark plastic lenses do not offer protection against UV rays, which is why you must follow the signs related to the filter and the level of protection of the glasses, usually written on their packaging. Visit to view a wide variety of sunglasses.

Lenses in a very dark color do not offer more excellent protection than those in a light color. If they are good quality lenses, your eyes are well protected regardless of color. The difference is not only the clarity and contrast but also the activities you purchase because the color optimizes the performance of the lens.

Heliometric lenses, useful for those who wear eyeglasses

We can’t talk about sunglasses without mentioning those with heliometric lenses (also known as photochromic). They are handy to those who wear eyeglasses and will not always have to wear two pairs of glasses, the eyeglasses, and the sun.
These lenses close when the brightness increases, adapting to environmental conditions. Of course, the effect is not instantaneous but lasts a few minutes. Heliometric lenses do not close as soon as the brightness changes are that they react to temperature. It may happen, therefore, that the lenses remain closed in low light if the temperatures are low.

Gradient lenses, the right choice for any day

Gradient lenses, with a darker shade above, gradually open to the bottom of the lens, are versatile and suitable for everyday wear. Moreover, these lenses are trendy at the moment because they also offer visual comfort. If they are polarized, they are useful for driving and walks on the beach.

Mirror lenses for high visual acuity

Mirror lenses offer increased protection against UV rays and are very useful in bright environments. This type of lens is used mainly in winter sports – skiing, snowboarding – because it offers comfort and protection even in high light conditions, caused by the reflection of the sun’s rays in the snow layer.

What shades to choose depending on your activities

Gray and green lenses

Gray and green lenses or any other derived shade are useful when driving because they do not change the natural colors too much.

Yellow and orange lenses

Yellow and orange lenses are suitable for pilots or for those who practice hunting, archery or pistol shooting. These shades enhance the contrast, so they are beneficial in activities of this type. However, they are not recommended for pilots because they distort the natural tones.

Red lenses

Red lenses are recommended for winter sports, especially on cloudy days.

Brown lenses

Brown lenses do not alter natural colors, so they are recommended in many situations. The easy-to-match color for multiple outfits has made lenses in this shade the choice of many of us for everyday wear.

Blue and green lenses

Blue and green lenses can be useful for those who play tennis.

All other shades of lenses that will attract your attention are suitable for everyday wear. It’s all about their quality, not the colors. You will find a lot of shades. With a simple look among these pairs of glasses, you can see that you have dozens of shades of lenses. You can choose them according to your preferences or according to the activities you are used to practicing.

What is the color of the lens you usually opt for?

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