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Is Sunscreen Application Necessary in Winters?

Summer is the time when the sun is at its peak. The scorching heat along with harsh sunlight is what summer is all about. The sun not only grants heat and sunlight to the earth, but it is also the source of ultraviolet rays. Long exposure to direct sunlight can lead to skin damage. However, the skin can be protected with the use of sunscreen lotions.

Sunscreens are known to protect the skin from the UV rays of the sun and avoid any potential damage. The only thing necessary is the right application and reapplication after a few hours. Some people believe that summers are the only time they need to use sunscreen lotion and there is no need to use the same during winters as the sun is not extreme during that time of the year. Here are the reasons supporting the claim that you should wear sunscreen in winters as well.

#1 UV Rays are Strong at Heights.

Winter is not just about chilly weather, but winter sports as well. Skiing and snowboarding are to name a few. However, these sports are mainly enjoyed at a certain height as gravity is the thing that does the job. A player must reach a height and slide down during the sport. Not many people know it, but UV rays intensify up to five percent with every one thousand feet above sea level. The higher you go, the more intense UV rays will be. If you are not using sunscreen solely because you cannot feel the heat of the sun, then you are probably letting your skin absorb the UV rays.  

#2 Snow Reflects the Rays.

The best thing about winter is the snowfall and snow hills. Playing in the snowy mountains is surely enjoyable. White is among the most reflective surfaces and so is snow. It can reflect up to ninety percent of the UV rays back to the body which means that you are more exposed to the rays in winters as compared to summer. Any area which is exposed to the sun will deal quite a bit of damage and will become prone to wrinkles and skin aging. The right way to avoid this is by using the best sunscreen in India

#3 Thinner Ozone Layer.

The ozone layer is the biggest and natural protection of the earth from the sun’s UV rays. The layer resides in the atmosphere and filters out the harmful rays and makes the sunlight a lot safer. However, ozone is constantly depleting due to several reasons. The ozone layer has the biggest hole over the Antarctic region and the reason behind this is the freezing temperatures. Ozone is thinnest in the areas with low temperatures. During winters, the temperature dips to freezing resulting in thinning of the ozone layer. In simpler words, winter is the season where the skin is most vulnerable to UV rays. Apply the best sunscreen lotion in India to protect yourself from such rays. 

Winter comes only for a few months and everyone should enjoy the great weather. As for sun protection, then sufficient application of sunscreen is highly essential no matter what the season is. Now you know how vulnerable the skin is even during the winters. Sun protection like LOTUS SafeSun is among the most widely used sunscreens for oily skin and other skin types. Cover your face and other exposed areas of skin with enough sunscreen and reapply it every two to three hours for the best protection. Always remember that sunscreen is not just a regular lotion, but your weapon against the UV rays of the sun.

Simranjeet Singh

Simranjeet Singh is a digital marketing expert at Lotus Herbals who has captured the attention of leading marketing agencies in India. As a marketing professional, he is known for wearing multiple hats at the same time.