A conveyor system is a pivotal piece of mechanical handling equipment that allows for more efficient labour in a number of industries. This is particularly true in fields like mining, manufacturing and shipping, where heavy objects need to traverse tremendous distances while spending as little energy as possible. Now, due to the nature of these systems and the amount of weight that they transport, every now and then, there is a malfunction or a breakdown. This is what makes the concept of maintenance so incredibly important. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of it.

1. Preventive maintenance

Conveyors are usually used in industries where there’s a lot of stress applied to the system on a regular basis. This means that there are some parts that may get lose and worn out with time and that by replacing them, you may avert a more expensive repair further down the line. It’s not only that but also the fact that these conveyors have the optimal efficiency when in optimal shape. In other words, not noticing signs of damage to the system may lower your overall productivity, which is a serious concern.

2. Have some spare parts on-site

The next thing you need to realize, while on this topic, is the fact that you might need to halt your production. How long this halt will last depends on how quickly you can fix the issue. Now, the longest delay happens in a scenario where you need to wait for the spare parts to arrive. Fortunately, if you plan ahead of time and acquire the given parts, you can fix the issue in a matter of hours instead of days. Needless to say, this makes all the difference in the world when it comes to maintenance, productivity and the overall organization of your work.

3. Buying quality

Buying cheap equipment and replacement parts is probably the single most reliable way of ensuring that you pay more for maintenance and repairs. Why? Well, because low-quality conveyors break down more frequently. What this means is that you get more downtime, more expenses on the account of replacement parts and mechanics to fix this, as well as a lot of inconvenience in your base of operations. This is especially true in industries like coal and ore mining and power generation or for work in quarries. This is why you need to go for quality conveyor products.

4. Keep it clean

By keeping the conveyor system clean you’ll reduce the likelihood of a malfunction. You see, foreign objects can cause a halt in a system by interrupting the mechanism or even increasing traction. This way, the chance that the belt will slip will be reduced. Also, keep in mind that any item on top of the conveyor reduces the amount of total weight that the motor can pull. One more thing worth mentioning is that finding your way around the system is a lot easier when the surroundings are immaculate.

5. Keep records of everything

The very last thing you need to do is document every single maintenance task that you have to perform. How regularly does the system break down and how much does the total repair cost? How long does the repair take? Once you have all this information, you can easily use it in order to optimize your maintenance process. This way you’ll save money, labour and time, all of which are pivotal for your overall success. All in all, in the digital era, keeping all these records is really not that hard.

In conclusion

As you can see, while the conveyor itself is a powerful piece of machinery, its maintenance is really not that complex. With the right amount of preparation, vigilance and forward planning, you can really help get the most out of this system. The thing is that you need to predict problems before they occur, as well as regularly tend to the system. Waiting for the problem to happen is the most expensive and inefficient way of resolving these things.

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