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app testing
By ANKIT SINGH 818 views

Worth of Testing and Design of your App Amid Pandemic

Eventually, this is the million-dollar question, which bugs down every app owner, by thinking that will this app product really help in garnering the attention game from the users amid pandemic?

However, when you consider the existing number of mobile apps in the respective stores, it surely gets confusing, whether to have or not the mobile app, which can satisfy the end-users…

I know it’s a burning question in today’s time because many different mobile apps are there in the app market and are helping the users to access services in their footsteps. But sadly not all existing solutions in the market are perfect and successful. The reason is simply that not every mobile app receives success from the hands of its end-users, and this creates havoc amongst the app owners.

It is a quite obvious and logical view of the app owners, since they don’t want to lose a chunk of users, just because of not achieving the customer satisfaction through the mobile app, and this can easily be achieved if you consider few options while developing your mobile app…

Let’s take a look and read ahead…

  • First and the foremost plan and develop a mobile app which fits the users’ demands
  • You need to be a good listener and pay attention to what problem users are facing 
  • Integrate chat feature, so users can get in touch with you if need be
  • Be the first one to answer and don’t wait for the ages to reply to  your users
  • Create a personalized experience, so your users can enjoy and cherish the app further
  • Be flexible enough and bring the changes in your app, as per users’ needs

And above all, once you have decided to get the best app solution, the next big thing you must take care of is the app testing.

Yes, the worth of mobile app testing cannot be executed in the words, as it is much broader and bigger than it sounds. But do you know despite having such advantages for a business, there are certain businesses that decide to stay away from the app testing as there are certain myths prevalent in the market, which stop them to take the app technology to be a part of their business?

Further with this post let’s discuss some of those troubling sets of myths.

App testing is a time-consuming process

You need to understand that time consumption thoroughly depends on the number of features and the technologies you have picked for your mobile app, if you have included every possible technology on the earth to be a part of your app then definitely it would consume years to complete. You need to pick only the relevant technology to start with. And definitely to test those technologies you need to spend some time, but that can be done along with the development. This will ease down the woes any sort of delays to be experienced.

App testing is highly expensive

No app testing is not an expensive part, but it is part of your app development journey. Here, the role of your selection of features and technologies comes into the picture and you can expect a more expensive app, with the integration of high-end technologies and more features, but it doesn’t affect the testing, as it is an integral part of the app development only.

Outsourcing for testing is better

I am sorry to say but not every freelancer opted for your app project, which can be a good option for your mobile app. They are generally picked due to the low-cost factor but believe they lack the exposure and the expertise to develop the scalable mobile app product. When you decide to proceed ahead with the same team who has developed your app, you don’t have to face the brunt of explaining the project again, but you can let the same team take care of the project.

Final words

When a mobile app comes into existence then there are multiple factors that have to be taken into consideration. Also, amid pandemic, every factor has to be taken into serious consideration, so the end-users will not have to face any sort of upheavals in the app experience.

Ankit Singh

Ankit Singh is a seasoned entrepreneur, who has crafted a niche for himself at such a young age. He is a COO and Founder of Techugo. Apart from holding expertise in business operations, he has a keen interest in sharing knowledge about mobile apps.