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Free Fire
By SANAVOHRA 1,976 views

10 Tips and Tricks to Play Free Fire as a Beginner

When the developers of the popular Game of War released a new game in 2015 called “Free Fire”, a lot of players were excited. It instantly became popular even though there was a lot of hesitance. This is because Free Fire is a fantastic combination of the old and the new: It takes the arcade shooter you remember from the ’90s and adds modern twists on gameplay that make it fun and fresh.

Basically, Free Fire is a first-person shooting game that’s a lot like Counter-Strike and H1Z1. The game has the following main modes: Clash Squad and Battle Royale.

Like other games mentioned above, you’re dropped on an island with 99 other players. You all have to scavenge for weapons, ammo, and armor, and you all have one main objective: to be the last man standing.

If you’re a budding free fire player looking to make the jump from casual to competitive, you’ll want to read this article. It contains 10 tips that will help you become a better player. It also includes things that you need to know to consistently win games, some of which may surprise you.

Following are 10 surefire tips to help you get the hang of the game and start your journey towards becoming a pro:

1.      Know the Surroundings

Knowing your surroundings helps you in planning your next step/move. Always be aware of the ways, and who landed where. Always use the map. If an opponent is firing, a map helps you to know the firing direction, airdrop and so much more. Master your maps.

2.      Don’t Combat Every Time

Do not start combating people right after landing. It is true that you will be attacked within a minimum of 12 seconds. After landing, make sure to get your hands on the equipment first and then be ready to fight.

Plus, this is not a game that checks who kills whom first. It is all about staying alive longer than others to win the real, big battle.

3.      Use Cover

Use cover to sneak around the battleground area to stay safe and also to target the enemies. When you use cover, enemies won’t be able to attack or damage your HP. While it works well in PUBg, it is not advisable to immediately prone when someone fires at you because there is not much grass to cover you in Free Fire.

However, if your opponent is a pro player, he/she will definitely use grenades to attack you when you are in cover. Be aware of it.

4.      Keep Moving

Keep moving and stay on the go no matter what. As you are using a vehicle it helps in escaping from fights, getting caught up in the fire, and helps in reaching a location much faster. It is a great way to fight off each other’s opponents.

However, this should be avoided as and when you start going up the ranks. It is a big no-no in the intermediate and upper stages as it instantly makes everyone alert of where you are, your location.

You might notice quite some players standing completely still, without any movement, during combat but this is because they are playing Free Fire from a mobile device. To avoid such a limitation, download Free Fire on PC. This would make it easier to move around the opponents.

5.      Right Weapons for the Right Situation

In a close combat, you need to use a shotgun like M1887. As the game says, “you can always count on M1887”. In a long-range distance, one must always use snipers. Go0 for the head to easily knock them out. In mid-range, beginners can use AKM, M500, MP40 and the likes.

For a one-tap headshot, you can always go for the Desert Eagle Pistol. One tap requires doing the drag shot and if you master one tap, you can easily do Quadra Kill in just 4 bullets!

6.      No Looting in Open

Looting in open is a fool’s trap. It makes you an easy target for enemies to spot you when you are busy looting the carts in open.

If you want the loot, keep constantly moving sideways while doing it. This will help you are escaping headshots when you are off guard.

7.      Characters Provide Advantage, Not Outfits

A lot of people, especially beginners tend to go after amazing outfits. They spend diamonds for such a show but forget that the outfits and look do not affect your gameplay the way characters affect the same. Shirts, bottoms, hats, and accessories give no benefit.

There are 8 characters, two of which are unlocked since the word go. And others can be unlocked with currency, diamonds, and dollars.

These characters have the following benefits:

Ford- Suffers comparatively lower damage when out of the safe zone

Misha- Drives faster, has 2% faster driving speed

Kelly- Has an increased sprinting speed by 1%

Now, these benefits can be increased by constantly upgrading the character’s level. Hence, the 2% can be increased to 10%.

8.      Sensitivity Settings

It is very important that you figure out the right sensitivity settings for yourself. It depends on your playing style and is important because it affects the reaction time in Free Fire.

These are dependent on your playing style and also the device you are using. Thus, adopting someone else’s settings might result in faulty gameplay.

9.      Come What May Do Not Freeze!

Nothing is worse than freezing at the worst moment possible. You’re in a firefight and your freeze lasts for half a minute–you’re dead. You’re running away, and your freeze lasts for a few seconds–your squad is dead. You’re playing Solo in ranked, and your freeze lasts for ten seconds–your ranking is gone. The point is, it can be incredibly frustrating when your game freezes

To avoid this, one can download Free Fire on PC as most of the time, mobile players face the problem of freezing due to either low FPS or some other issue.

10. Train in Training Modes

Success can never be achieved without regularly practicing the game in the practice mode. Try out every gun and weapon in this training mode as it will give beginners like you an idea of recoil patterns and more. It is a splendid way to increase accuracy and improving knowledge of various locations on the map.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a pro!


Sana Vohra is a Marketing and Technology enthusiast who loves reading more than anything. She is a writer in equal measures: passion and profession. She enjoys being a writer as it makes her read more.