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By ART GODA 5,016 views

7 Expert Tips To Choose Wall Art For Living Room

Decorating a home is always a fun task, but it may require patience as well because there are so many nice things out there. Your living room is the most important room in the house or apartment, so you want it to be welcoming and cozy. Whatever your concept is and whether you are choosing the best printables for your home or looking for original art to decorate your walls, you will definitely find these tips useful.

Make sure you read this blog post to the end and we will reveal a cool online gallery where you will find modern and affordable artworks to decorate your space.

So, here are the most important tips by our experts on choosing wall art for your living room.

Mind the whole layout of the room. You will have some furniture standing against the wall, there will be spaces where you want to place vases or other cool decorative objects. Make sure that the wall you choose for your art has enough space for it.

It is important that a painting has some space around, so it can breathe and spread its energy. Paintings should not be too close to other objects or hang behind the sofa. 

Also, mind the direct sunlight. If you hang your art in the direct sunlight, it might lose color and charm, especially if it is a print on paper. Paintings created by professionals that are executed with oil or acrylics and are covered with varnish are not that sensitive to sunlight. 

Various sources of light that add to the whole decor of the room, so when you are choosing which wall should be decorated, think about it carefully. A painting that lacks light will definitely lose part of its charm. 

  • One Large Work of Art or Several Smaller Artworks?

Every living room has large walls that will probably be empty, so when you are choosing artwork for your living room, think whether you would like one large painting on the wall or would you go for a gallery wall consisting of several small charming artworks.

A huge painting on the wall will definitely make a statement. It will dominate the room and the whole interior decor. However, a gallery wall consisting of several small artworks creates a very cozy atmosphere and it’s also worth considering.

So take a look at interior photos by flipping through the pages of the magazines. You will definitely see both variants of wall decor and will be able to decide which option suits you best. 

  • Measure and Decide On The Size

Now that you have decided which wall to decorate and with how many artworks it is important to measure your walls and decide what size you will be looking for. 

You will have to be flexible because you might discover a beautiful artwork that doesn’t match your ideal size. If the difference between your measurements and the size of the artwork is not that huge, it is definitely not a problem. 

However, knowing the approximate measurements of a painting you’re looking for will definitely assist you in your search and help to make a better decision.

  • Set the Budget

The budget is an important part of interior decor planning. Once you know how much you can allocate to your living room walls, it will be much easier to make a decision. The price range will narrow your search and give you a better idea of where to look and what to look for.

  • Decide on Colour Schemes

Monochrome, black and white, or colorful? Do you want your art to match interior colors, or on the contrary, to stand out? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about color.

A lot of people make a mistake thinking that a painting should match the colors of the sofa. Don’t be afraid to experiment – contrasts always look more impressive than objects of the same color all over the place.

  • Original Painting or Print?

It depends on your budget and your life circumstances. If you like a particular artist but are not able to afford his/her works – print is always a good option. Besides, if you need a very large artwork, but originals of that size are just too expensive, you might also want to consider a reproduction or a limited edition printed artwork.

Please note that your living room has to be a relevantly safe place for original artwork. If you have little kids playing around or some pets who can damage your art, maybe it would not be the best idea to invest in expensive originals.

  • Go Looking

Now that you know what your living room needs, start looking. It is definitely a fun and exciting journey, so take your time, don’t rush, and indulge yourself in the world of shapes and colors! 

The more artworks you see – the better. There are a lot of places where you can buy modern art online and one of them is the Art Goda gallery. Make sure you take a look at this website if you are a fan of contemporary artworks.

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