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Stage Performance
By DWAYNE CROSS 2,419 views

Best Tips to Prepare for a Stage Performance

Do you know the success mantra of being an artist? Well, the answer is continuous learning and practice. If an artist knows his weakness and strength he can better perform on the stage in front of the audience and his fans. Most artists try to ignore their weakness and think they are perfect. And when it comes to performing on the stage, they get nervous or make mistakes that can disappoint the audience. Therefore, it is necessary for an artist to get prepared before the performance every single time.

So let’s explore a few good tips to prepare yourself for a stage performance with Dwayne Cross.

Learn your lines

According to Dwayne Cross, A true singer is someone who learns his lines by heart and shows confidence on the stage while performing. It can only possible by practice-practice-and practice. You can use the highlighter to mark your lines and sing it loudly while practicing. Just make sure your lines are correct and they are going with the time period you have set.

Learn your songs

Learn Your Songs Lines

Singing without missing out lyrics and in rhythm is as important as giving dialogue delivery with perfection. You can practice your singing in front of the mirror as it helps you to visualize what you look like while singing. According to experts, it actually helps in learning, correcting, and improving mistakes. So, you can avoid such mistakes while performing live on the stage.

Practice and dancing

Practice and dancing

To deliver the best performance it is necessary to practice every day along with dancing. No doubt you are a singer, but dancing is also important as it makes the audience excited. When you dance while singing it makes the audience feel that you are enjoying your song. And when they see you enjoying the moment they also start enjoying and dancing. Therefore, make sure you take out some time every day and practicing dancing while singing.

Interaction with the audience

Interaction with audeince

Do you know how important is to interact with the audience? Well, it is very important. After all, you are performing for the audience only. Right? If you want to hit your show and increase your fab following, make sure you interact with your audience in-between your performance. Just make eye to eye contact with them throughout your show and ask them few personal questions or questions related to your music, style, etc.

Avoid getting nervous

Avoid Getting Nervious

Sometimes due to pressure either an artist gets nervous before the performance or becomes overconfidence because of his previous success. Both things can harm your career and reputation. Even it can affect your next performance to a great extent. Therefore, you have to make sure you avoid getting nervous, and veer becomes overconfidence in life. Always be a student and keep learning and improving.

Final Words

These are the few good tips to for artists who are going to perform live on the stage from Dwayne Cross.  If you are an artist and seeking for more advice, you can ask your query below in the comment box. We will surely get back to you.

Dwayne Cross

Dwayne Cross has a colourful background that has seen him tour most of the globe. This is particularly interesting that now he organizes tours for others. His background goes all the way to the streets of Chicago where Dwayne learned his first “trade”…basketball. After moving to California, Dwayne took his basketball skills and earned a scholarship to university at United States International University San Diego (USIU). Upon graduating Dwayne played professionally in Turkey in Europe for the European Cup, and South America (Argentina) and Australia. He also had an exciting one and a half years as a Harlem Globetrotter.