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online business tools
By CARL KRUSE 910 views

Tools for Website Promotion and Online Business

No wonder they say that today without the knowledge of marketing and Internet marketing, a business may go unnoticed. You will invest in its development, purchase of new goods or hiring specialists, but until you set up a constant flow of customers, all actions will remain in vain. There will be no income or money circulation – it will not work to cover expenses and bankruptcy will ensue.

But all this will happen if you do not deal with your resource, website design, marketing, blindly trust the marketers, not understanding whether they are doing everything right or not. Click here to know more about online business promotions.

No. 1. Presentations

They are useful for promoting the expertise of specialists, companies, and HR-branding. A common practice among freelancers and marketing agencies – after receiving an incoming application, they consider the client’s problems, analyze his activities and offer his own solutions to improve his situation. It is more pleasant to watch when all the presentations are in the same style, are designed in PowerPoint, but sent in 2 formats for convenience – pdf and pptx.

But creating a presentation every time from scratch is inconvenient, so it’s better to use a ready-made solution – a template. An example of how it looks is the Entorum blank, in the collection of which 800+ ready-made slides for different types of content: video, text and photos, only photos, only text, text and graphics diagrams, pictures with mockups, maps of different cities and countries of the world. And because the design of all pages is for four rotations (16: 9, 16:10, 4: 3, A4), you can be sure that on any device the presentation will retain its appearance. Plus, templates can get edited: change elements, text, pictures, delete something, add something, change the color scheme, fonts; This allows you to make presentations 2-3 times faster.

If we talk about the presentation as an opportunity to promote an HR brand, the point is to show and talk in one format about the values, mission, field of activity, team, goals of the company; This will allow applicants to immediately understand for themselves whether they will be comfortable working in such an organization or not. Of course, it is ideal to combine a presentation and a video about the brand, but if the budget does not allow it, start at least from the first.

No. 2. Social Networks and SMM

The main goal of SMM promotion is to increase the level of trust and brand loyalty. That is, there may be orders from social networks, but this channel is more for communication and heating the audience. Head-to-head sales do not work here (however, they already generally work in a few places).

For such a promotion to yield results, the following are mandatory:

  1. Think over an SMM strategy. This strategy will allow us not to jump from subject to subject too abruptly, observe a single style of communication (tone of voice), and set specific KPIs. Regarding formats – just making expert content – something that doesn’t quite work. It is important not to forget to talk about the team, work processes and talk about them on the page, because people are looking for people to collaborate (even if it’s b2b), and not a soulless encyclopedia.
  2. Think over the visual component. If you don’t have enough money to create photo content yet, try using ready-made templates for social networks. With their help, you can make an eternal ribbon incorporate colors, a single style and without much effort.
  3. Think content for stories. Various interactivities are important here – contests, polls, professional jokes, portfolio of works.

No. 3. Targeted Advertising

With the right settings, targeting can be the most profitable way to promote your business on Instagram and Facebook. The main secret of a successful advertising campaign is not only the selected target audience and its competent segmentation but also the layout itself. Catching theses (do not go down to the level of the yellow press), vibrant, dynamic videos (they work better than static pictures), well-chosen music – all elements are important. But besides this, the number of competitors greatly affects the price of a click and one lead – the more there are, the higher the costs.

Number 4. Contextual Advertising

The main goal of contextual advertising is to increase traffic on the site, attract the attention of potential customers and motivate them to make a purchase. It is in search engines, and the cost, as well as in targeted advertising, depends on the niche and competitors in it. The success of an advertising campaign depends on correctly defined keywords, phrases, tags, SEO settings, headings, and ad text.

No. 5. SEO Promotion

SEO-promotion is the adaptation of a site to algorithms, the “requirements” of search engines. It may take months, or even years, to arrive at a meaningful result. But if the site is the main channel of traffic and sales, it’s worth it.

Why is SEO so long? Because this concept includes two types of work – external and internal optimization, each of which consists of a dozen processes. Everything is important here:

  • quality of content;
  • the presence in it of key phrases from the semantic core (necessarily harmoniously entered);
  • adaptation for different types of devices;
  • thoughtful structure of articles (with H1-H4, description, title);
  • publications on other resources with a hyperlink to the site and more.

The main goal of SEO-promotion is to bring unique visitors who, with proper marketing, turn into customers, reduce the cost of attracting new people and bring the site to the TOP of the search engine.

No. 6. Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a universal tool by type of action. With the help of letters, you can immediately close transactions and transfer the client to the site to help make the final choice and pay for the order, and the opportunity to find partners.

There are three main types of content for different business goals:

  1. Commercial. The main goal is to increase sales and the number of customers through the distribution of selling texts with an invitation to events, registration or purchase of specific products on the site.
  2. Informational. It is necessary for working with “cold” customers and turning them into “warm” ones. One can implement it through expert content without water – analysis of cases and the proposal of specific solutions on behalf of your company, useful articles on your topic, content with comments by expert employees.
  3. News. The main goal is to natively remind customers of themselves and push them to take a specific action. Small texts (500-700 characters) predominate, which tell about promotions, discounts, new products, TOP sales, participation in exhibitions or conferences, and more.

Do not forget that the headings are important in the newsletter. They should not only be creative but also express the essence, intrigue. You can use branded emoji (for each type of letter to come up with a specific set of emoji) so that letters get recognized among thousands of others.

Number 7. Partnership Programs

Most often, affiliate programs work at the expense of native advertising – when the business or some specific product is carefully and supposedly imperceptibly mentioned in the content; This is done to popularize the organization’s brand through frequent mention of its name.

Number 8. Content Marketing

Content marketing should be on any of the sites used (your blog on the site, a page on the social network, account of the founder of the company). Its main goal is to create a positive image of the enterprise, increase expertise, turn ordinary subscribers into brand agents who will defend the actions and even the organization’s facades. When a blog turns into a full-fledged media, media – this means that the company is on the right track. But the best result is when content marketing has a positive effect on profitability.

The basis of this way of business promotion is texts with expert opinions, analysis of errors and suggestions for their solution in the format of cases, guest posts, long-reads in the media.


All of these business promotion tools are closely related to each other and work best together. For example, when a site has high-quality content, it allows you to develop content marketing, affiliate programs, and email newsletters. The best option that suits you specifically is to try each tool and decide on the most effective ones.

Carl Kruse

Carl Kruse Miami admire people and organizations that make the world a better place. He has more than 25 years experience as an entrepreneur.