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Drummer Marc Brattin
By MANOJ RANA 2,317 views

Top 3 Ways to Improve the Drum Playing

It does not matter how long you are playing the drums. Actually, the drum players always need some improvement to become the best. Even if you have experience of many years still there is always a room for enhancement. In this article, Marc Brattin has suggested some ways of becoming better at drum playing.

Actually, there are different genres of music and it is not easy to become a master in every style and groove. Luckily, some method exists there that individuals can follow to improve their drum playing skills.

Continue reading this article, help the percussionists in improving their style, speed as well as drumming vocabulary. Moreover, listening to your favorite drum players will also help individuals in improving their skills.


Following are some of the ways for percussionists which helps in becoming better in drum playing:

Play Rudiments:

The drum basics are the crucial aspects of drumming. In fact, the rudiments develop individual’s hands as well as imagination. There are 40 rudiments and most of them are the extension of five basics. Hence, the drummer should have to be the master of five basic rudiments in order to play the remaining 35 proficiently.

Single Stroke roll, paradiddle, double stroke roll, drag, and flam are the basic rudiments. You need not need special tools or equipment’s to practice these barebones. Individuals should need to have only the drumsticks in order to rehearsal. Continuous practice will help in improving the speed, strength as well as technique. Ten minutes everyday practice on rudiments will help individuals a lot.

Follow the Footsteps of Other Drummers:

One should have to listen to other professional drum players for enhancing their playing skills. It has been seen that most of the percussionists stick to their comfort zone and listen to the music they are aware of. If you want to become the master of drum playing, then there is a need for wide drumming vocabulary says, Marc Brattin.

In fact, the key of being the great drum player is to have the hunger to learn something. One can discover new music as well as new drum players on the various online portal. There are lots of videos uploaded every day that can help in learning the different genres.

Practice Regularly:

Drum playing art needs rehearsal on regular basis just like other works. One should have to split their drum playing into different sessions. Concluding the rehearsal with rudiments is also a good idea. Individuals can notice the drastic improvement in their drum playing by just doing at least 10 minutes practice day.

Actually, there is drum practice pad is available for individuals with rehearsal. Actually, these are the alternative of the drum kit and also do not make much noise. Hence, the drummer can schedule their 5 to 10 minutes per day on the practice pad.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best ways given by Marc Brattin to the percussionists for improving their drum playing. If individuals want to fast track their progress, then following these steps will help them a lot.

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