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Local Business Listings
By MIKE WILLIAMS 1,300 views

Top 8 Reasons Why Local Listing Directories suspends your Local Business Listings

Have you been looking for the reasons why websites suspend your local business listing? Wish to go through some guidelines that are provided by Google and other free local business listings websites?

Then this time with help of trusted business reviews you have the opportunity to understand and get aware of being suspended by the Google and other free online directories. As nowadays duplicating is spreading like the plague of online marketing on every local business thus this has the potential to harm the whole ecosystem. Some of the most important business directories like Yelp, City search, SuperPage, and MapQuest are facing the highest number of duplicating list.

And, as the whole data could be lost be lost or erase while a time of backfire, for which websites are paid, thus making it totally impossible to get rid of it. Even more as the website lack behind with the technologies to prevent the duplicate listing thus they also lack behind to maintain the human resource that could help to maintain it.

Give below are the eight reasons why websites suspend your local business listings:

Website forwards URL

The first reason that you find your local business listing is being suspended due by Google or by trusted business reviews (free local business listings website), as your website must be forwarding URL to some other domain. As if this is totally pointless according to Google and other search engines in terms service, thus you must provide your phone numbers and URL that directly refers to the landing page.

Unnecessary Keywords

You can also find your local business to be soft suspended from the list if you found by the search engine while adding the extra unnecessary keyword to your business name. So while searching your local listing you couldn’t find it and get a softly suspended note as still, you have a location on Google map and other free online business listing sites.

Service area Business

According to this law of Google and trusted business reviews you have only permission to disclose your business address until customer itself show up at your business. As it is very much vital for owners of service area business to verify their listing as map makers do not allow this.

Sensitive Business type

You could also be suspended if you are in guns and artillery business came under sensitive business type by local business listing, as they are allowed only after certain age restriction and geographic. And, as every verified list is on G+ automatically, if you are with unverified with Google map then you are not verified with G+ hence you will be soft suspended.

Virtual office or Mailbox

According to trusted business reviews if your business has a physical existence address other that your primary business, then it would be advisable to not create the page on any of the local listing sites or at free business directories. If you are founded by Google that for ranking you are going with virtual office rather than your actual location than you will be listed for hard suspend.

Physical storefront

As online business is not able to maintain in-person contact with customers for eligible business thus Google expects that they must possess a G+ brand page rather local page. You must have a physical storefront while going for good business as local listing sites or local business listings websites simply remove the complete business if they come up with a conclusion that they are only holding an online store.

Spam business

If you have not committed anything wrong but the industry where you are working is filled with clutters of spam then you might be in great trouble as there are spam filter which accidentally took them down, mostly lock smith. Thus with help of trusted business reviews, you can escalate the case to Google.

Multi-verified listing

According to trusted business reviews you also have to keep in mind that for your business you do not create more than one page for location either for single or multiple accounts on local listing sites. As Google will hard suspend the duplicate one and UN-verify the legit one.

These were the eight points that could help you to understand reasons Why Websites suspends your Local Business Listings by trusted business reviews.

Mike Williams

Mike Williams is a Content Marketer at www.trustedbusiness.reviews where he develops & market resources to empower small & large businesses to start & succeed