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Your house is your home. This is an investment in the future of your family. Compare it to investing in the stock market. A bad decision in the stock market can cost you tons of money if you chose the wrong stock to invest in. If you do not select or design the right house, then the layout of the floor will be wrong. Like how every outfit has the jewelry collection that best goes along with it, and how every kitchen needs the right kitchen accessories, your home needs the right house design to look and feel best!

A house floor plan lays the foundation for a value-packed home when it includes the best house design features and is adaptable for future needs. An adaptable design makes a plan that is almost perfect for anyone. When you are designing a new home or planning a renovation, including some features that are not so unique to your style. Rather, consider the needs of potential future home buyers. This does a good job of protecting your home’s financial future.

This article highlights the top house design ideas for 2022. Most designer home plans will not include all of these features; however, the more you have the better.

Top House Design Ideas for 2022:


You can never have enough storage. There are an unlimited amount of items that you can bring into your home, and having the space to store those items is important. If you’ve lived in a house without a room for storage, chances are, you’ll make it a prerequisite for the next house.


Provide a place for homeowners to use as a buffer zone between the outside and the inside of the house.  Mudrooms are areas where people can leave their things without having to drag these things into the main part of the house.

Spacious Kitchen with Plenty of Storage

Most people especially hone this part of the house.  The kitchen design should be so that you can work there for a long time without bumping into each other. Cabinets are very important for storing things.  Cooking is hard! That’s why there should be enough space for two cooks to work at the same time. 

His and Her Closet

The more, the better. While one big closet would be nice, it’s better to have lots of little closets. Adding an organization system for closets is a good idea.  You can put the clothes away yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

Master Bedroom with a Sitting Area

The room with one space that shares the top spot with the kitchen. The master bedroom should have enough room to fit a queen or king-size bed.  An additional bonus of the master bedroom is that it has a sitting area. At least a couple of chairs and a side table can take up the space. A more elaborate sitting room has a fireplace with shelving and a place for a television.

Master Bath

The design of this bathroom is open and brightly lit with plenty of natural light and separate vanities and a tub and shower.  If the budget allows, his and her bath is an upgrade that would be an excellent purchase.  There should be a shower and a tub in the bathroom for each person.  There are many other bathroom design ideas that you might want to use.  These are just a few of the most popular features.

Keeping Rooms

This area is large enough to hold a sofa, table, and two chairs.  This room is big enough for a family to sit together for meals, watch TV, or play board games.  The keeping room is a space in the house where the family spends most of their time; it’s a room where they would eat, read, and do things like homework.

Bedroom on the Main Floor (for 2 story home designs)

If the master is on the main floor, this is okay. A guest bed in addition to the master on the main is even better.  If all the bedrooms are on the second floor, it would be a good idea to add a second bed on the first floor. You can design a bedroom layout to have multiple functions, including a guest room, a library, or a home office.

Covered Entrance

More and more homeowners are making their homes more comfortable by having a covered porch or covered stoop. Many people come to this conclusion after living in a home that was lacking this feature.

Bonus Room

If your floor plan design allows, by all means, include this space. The house plan with additional rooms already includes built-in additional features in the design. This gives the homeowners the ability to choose what to do with this room, and the ideas will be theirs.


Combining the top house design ideas above, in addition to the normal plan features is a big win. Your house designs are just as important as good interior decors. A terrible house design won’t be saved by good interior decors, and a good house design can always be ruined by terrible interior decors. It’s good to have a balance of both when deciding on your modern house design.

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