New technology gets released every year. That’s become the modern way of life for most people. In fact, constant change is such a guarantee that many people forget how much homes have changed. Not long ago, things wouldn’t be all that different from year to year. But, in the modern era, technology seems to impact almost everything we do. Here are a few ways tech has transformed the modern home.

Smart Thermostats

First, let’s talk about how thermostats work nowadays. Old thermostats were relatively simple devices. They’d detect what the temperature was inside of your home. Then, they’d turn on whenever the temperature reached a certain level. After the temperature adjusted, they’d turn back off.

Smart thermostats accomplish the same goals. But, they go about it in an entirely different way. You can still use them like an old thermostat, though. However, smart thermostats can also learn your habits.

They’ll detect whenever you’re about to leave. And, they’ll learn what time you’re usually home. Using that information, they’ll automatically control the furnace. That way, you’ll use less energy to heat your home. Not only do they save you money, but they also make it so you don’t have to think about it.

Automatic Doorways

You’ve probably seen a Norton door closer adjustment before. These use hydroelectric power to automatically control the door. They’ve made it so doors don’t slam shut anymore. And, they’ve even made it so doors can open by themselves.

This has made living alone a lot easier for people with disabilities. Since the doors work automatically, they don’t have to use a lot of force. Even seniors can benefit from them.

Better yet, these devices also improve doorway safety. They’ll detect whenever something is still in the doorway. Then, they’ll prevent the door from shutting. That’s made them popular among parents.

Connected Entertainment

Back in the day, you had to rent movies from a store before watching them. Now, you can simply check out the latest releases from the comfort of your couch.

Streaming services might not seem like something revolutionary, but they’ve completely changed entertainment. Most people watch movies using these online services now. There are many streaming stick alternatives to traditional cable such as Roku or Amazon Firestick. With voice activation, you can easily go to your favorite show and start watching instantly.

Plus, distributing movies has gotten a lot easier because of them. In the past, only major studios could afford to mass produce films. However, even small developers can reach a wide audience today.

Automated Security

Old security systems still got the job done, but they weren’t very sophisticated. They simply used magnets to let someone know whenever doors were opened.

Smart security lets you keep an eye on the house from anywhere with an internet connection. They’ll even provide you with live-video feeds, using remote camera systems. This way you can monitor your home both from the inside and outside. This will ward off potential porch pirates.

Plus, new systems can even alert the police, directly. They’re able to tell the difference between false alarms and real emergencies. Then, they’ll give that information to the authorities, protecting your property.

Solar Energy

Homes can also produce their own energy today. Thanks to better manufacturing methods, solar panels have become rather inexpensive. As a result, even regular people can get install them in their homes. This has made it a lot easier for people to live off-grid.

Plus, it adds another layer of redundancy to their power systems. Sometimes, they’re even able to sell energy back to their old power companies. You may even be able to receive a tax break.

Voice Assistants

Today, you could have a voice assistant write down your grocery list. Voice technology has become advanced enough to help you with most chores. You could even ask them to play your favorite music. A few decades ago, that would’ve seemed like something straight out of science fiction. Now, it’s something most people have at a home.

Wireless Connectivity

Finally, nothing has made more of a difference than wireless internet. Living without a constant internet connection feels impossible for a lot of people. Yet, it wasn’t long ago that people couldn’t even download pictures at home. Now, people can download nearly anything they’d want without any problems.

How Today’s Homes Have Changed From the Past

Technology seems to progress faster and faster every year. But, we don’t always realize how much of a difference it’s made. These are just a few of the impacts technology has had on our homes. Technology has increased our home security and made it easier for the disabled to move about their home. Now we can enjoy a variety of shows and do tasks easily with voice assistants. Finally, you can conserve energy and save the environment with solar and smart thermostats.

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