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magento extensions
By BIZTECH CS 377 views

Top Magento Extensions to Boost sales in 2022

Machines can make our lives simpler! We have washing machines to wash our clothes and food processors to cook our meals; so, the task takes minimal time to complete. Similar is the functioning of Magento extensions in a development environment. These extensions act like “machines” to make a developer’s life easier. 

Simply put, these extensions can help developers integrate or extend advanced functionalities and features to the Magento app. For instance, boost sales, improve SEO performance, customize payment pages, improve UX, and more. 

While you can hire Magento 2 developers to create the best of the eCommerce applications, it would be much easier and better to use the Magento extensions or customize them. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best Magento extensions businesses can use to improve their sales in 2022. 

Let’s check it out! 

Best Magento Extensions for Increased Sales 

Magento 2 Instagram Connect 

Instagram is the fourth most famous social networking site all across the globe with about 2 billion active users as of Q3, 2021. And this popularity is observed to be consistent. Today’s youth use social networking sites for entertainment, content creation, sharing, and eCommerce. 

Hosting such a large number of potential customers, Instagram is one of the most promising digital spaces for eCommerce businesses. And Magento 2 Instagram Connect is one useful extension that can help businesses achieve it. 

Whether it is fetching images from Instagram and displaying them on your Magento store or customizing an Instagram shopping page, this extension can help you in several ways. 

Features – 

  • Full configuration. 
  • Image slider. 
  • Show images from Instagram on any content management system. 
  • Option to use hashtags or your username to fetch images quickly. 
  • Easy visibility of likes and comments on Instagram. 
  • Seamless integration of Instagram with Magento 2. 
  • Design templates with simple drag and drop. 
  • Custom create an Instagram shopping page. 

Benefits – Instagram users can shop with convenience and you have better engagement and conversion, sharing products via Instagram will be easier, and shoppers can browse multiple product images quickly. 

Zoho CRM 

No matter how small or large your organization is, it is best practice to have a CRM solution for your business unit. It can help synchronize all your customer data and you can manage all the communications with greater efficiency. 

Having a reliable CRM can result in profits as multiple hassles in your business can be solved instantly using the software. To support Magento 2 eCommerce sites, we have this popular extension named “Zoho CRM”. 

The dedicated Magento developers would know best how to integrate this plugin with your Magento 2 app for fruitful results. But, let’s look into the key features of this Magento extension. 

Key features – 

  • Account synchronization. 
  • Order management. 
  • Campaign management. 
  • Product synchronization. 
  • Contact synchronization. 
  • Invoice management. 
  • Lead management. 

Hubspot integration extension 

Like Zoho, Magento programmers can also integrate and use Hubspot CRM with the eCommerce portal. This extension will help sync all your eCommerce store’s data with the Hubspot CRM in real-time to automate various workflows and reduce work overhead. 

It is a very famous plugin used with Magento 2 development services to multiply lead generation and conversion rates. Further, let’s look at some of the promising features that this extension offers. 

Key features – 

  • Improve cart abandonment rate by sending personalized emails and notifications. 
  • Automate sales of products with reordering emails, cross-selling, and upselling. 
  •  Target specific audience list based on certain criteria and notify of product launches or send one-off emails. 
  • Option to engage with customers on social media with the help of smart content or by sending personalized comments or messages. 
  • Analyze the success rate of marketing campaigns and channels. 

Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate 

The best way to bring traffic to your eCommerce website is by relying on organic means, i.e., search engine optimization. While this technique can help bring organic traffic to your site, it takes a lot of effort for digital marketers to bring fruitful results. 

This Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate ensures your eCommerce website is made to be SEO compliant. The Magento extensions make it easier to add effective meta tags (meta description, meta title, etc.), create an auto XML sitemap, building URL structure, and more. 

While there are multiple SEO extensions available for use with Magento 2, it is considered one of the best SEO plugins. 

Key features – 

  • Use of canonical URLs. 
  • Optimized metadata addition. 
  • Hreflang URL setup to expand your eCommerce store’s reach to a diverse market segment. 
  • Use of breadcrumbs to facilitate easier browsing and website crawling. 
  • Improved search experience with the help of layered navigation. 
  • Microdata tag handling to improve page ranking. 
  • Easy creation of HTML and XML sitemap. 
  • Use of Robots.txt to improve page visibility in search engines. 
  • Automate the addition of open graph (< >) tags for improved click-through rate and conversion. 

These Magento plugins mentioned above can improve your eCommerce website’s sales, customer engagement rate, retention rate, and conversion rate. However, smart utilization of these extensions and customizing them to your benefit is much more necessary. 

For that, you may need to hire dedicated Magento developers who are well versed with the CMS and have experience with multiple popular extensions of this kind. 


There are plenty of Magento extensions available for different purposes like sales boost, content optimization, payment & security, reports & analytics, etc. This blog illustrates a few popular Magneto extensions that can improve your eCommerce website’s sales significantly.

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