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How to Track a Cell Phone
By ADDISON ALBERT 2,286 views

How to Track a Cell Phone without Them Knowing for Free

Are you looking for ways to track a cell phone without letting the user know? Whether you are bringing up teenagers or managing a business, you may need to secretly supervise the mobile phone activities of your children and workers. The tracking of mobile phones could help parents ensure the safety of children and facilitate employers in keeping their workers restricted from unproductive and malicious acts.

Whatever your purpose is, you need a reliable and efficient mobile phone tracking app. This article discusses how a phone can secretly be monitored using phone tracker software for free.

Phone Tracker App to Secretly Monitor a Cell Phone

There are scores of mobile phone monitoring software applications letting users keep track of a cell phone without letting the possessor know. However, most of these spying apps are quite expensive. After reviewing the top-notch cell phone surveillance apps, we have found the most economical and feature-rich app for monitoring smartphones. TheOneSpy can be recommended to beginners for keeping the digital devices of children and workers under surveillance.

The spyware software works with secrecy and does not provide any clue of spying to the possessor of the targeted phone. Once you install the tracker software on the mobile device of your target, you can monitor and operate that device via a web portal of the spy program. Read on to know what can be monitored with the help of a secret phone monitoring app.

Monitor Social Media

With the help of the secret cell phone monitoring app, you can supervise activities performed on social networking apps. It includes but is not limited to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Vine, Hike, Hangout, Tumblr, Telegram, Skype, and more popular communication apps. The surveillance software allows tracing social media posts, chats, calls, photos, and videos exchanged via the above-mentioned social messengers.

Monitor Chats

The high-tech cell phone spyware app allows monitoring of online and offline chats consisting of text, photos, videos, and voice recordings. It creates an online backup of messages stored on the monitored phone to enable the end-user of the tracker software to read these chats without having access to the target device.

Call Recorder

Do you want to listen to the phone calls of your children to protect them from bullying and scams? The spy software for android automatically records all phone calls made and received on the targeted device. You can listen to the recorded calls right from the web portal of the mobile surveillance program. Also, you can get the contact numbers of call makers and receivers.

Live Screen Recorder

The powerful Android spy lets you record your phone screens to detect what is going on. You can see what your kids are watching, typing, or searching on their phones. A remote command can be sent via an online control panel of the spy software to the monitored gadget to start screen recording. You can also record a phone screen with the help of screenshots.

Track GPS Location

The surveillance software for android devices allows tracing the whereabouts of children. By logging into the web portal of spyware, you can see the exact current GPS location of the targeted phone.

Track Browsing History

It is crucial to supervise the internet usage of children and workers to prevent them from misusing the technology. The monitoring solution for cell phones accesses the internet browsing history of the monitored device to let you know which websites are being visited by your concerned person.

Take Over Cameras

The spy software for android allows turning on cameras of the monitored phone to capture the surrounding events. You can take photos and make videos by operating the target phone via a secret web portal.

Take Over MIC

You can listen to the conversations of your concerned individuals and groups by turning the microphone of their mobile phones on with bugging software.

Retrieve Deleted Photos & Videos

The media files stored on the phone get uploaded to the online portal of the spyware app. It allows retrieving deleted photos and videos anytime and from anywhere.

The TheOneSpy monitoring solution for cell phones offers the above-mentioned features and many others to secretly track a smartphone device without paying hefty amounts.

Addison Albert

Addison is a journalist and blogger. He is a passionate contributor to parenting solutions with best undetectable spy apps for Android .