Make sure you contact the Embassy before Travel to United Arab Emirates from Ottawa Embassy follows a set of Canadian public holidays for travel to UAE, and these dates change annually. Contact the Embassy directly to check that it is open on the day you plan to attending Travel to United Arab Emirates from Ottawa.

UAE Diplomatic Appointments

If you need to meet with the Uae Embassy, you can contact the Embassy.

You may need to make an appointment for such services:

  • Passport and Visa Interviews
  • Documentation Notice
  • Witness documents
  • Citizenship interviews for foreign-born children to parents with UAE citizenship
  • Or your visas, travel, license checks, document requirements, or other requirements for consultations.

Appointments at the Embassy are sometimes there, which vary monthly. So please contact and secure the meeting. It will help if you come back one day for an appointment because you don’t show up without a meeting at the UAE embassy.

Services provided by The United Arab Emirates Embassy Ottawa Canada. In Ottawa, the Uae Embassy provides Embassy and consular services to UAE, Canadian and international citizens in Canada who need SERVICES related to the Uae.

The Uae Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, provides services: General or specific information related to the economy, culture, sports, and education.

Uae citizenship information. Documents include requirements, processes, and deadlines for obtaining UAE citizenship. It could be for people of UAE origin or overseas-born children, for situations such as immigration and adoption. The Embassy may respond directly to you or advise you on what you need to do.

Specific contacts and information in the UAE – such as contacts to do business in government departments in the UAE or UAE-help your particular needs.

UAE visas. The Embassy for Canadians and international citizens who want to visit, do business or live permanently in the United Arab Emirates takes applications and processes visa applications.

UAE Passport: UAE takes applications for applicants and issues UAE passports.

Visas and Passports for UAE

More information on visas and passports via UAE Embassy Ottawa Canada

UAE Visas

The UAE has a range of visas. Each type of visa is for different circumstances, and additional documents are required for each type of visa. Visitor visas, business visas, partner visas, temporary visas, permanent residence visas, study visas, etc.

Please visit our website and contact us at the Embassy via the above contact details to ensure that you follow the correct process and have the necessary documents at your meeting.

Visas can take time to get. Simple visas can have periods ranging from a few days to several months for more complex visas. Give yourself more time to get your visa. Contact us to determine the time scales you should expect for the specific visa type you want to apply for.

Canadian visas for UAE citizens

If you are looking for services or documents regarding being a citizen of the UNITED Arab Emirates who wants to obtain or extend your Canadian visa – get additional information here – Take our free visa assessment to determine which Canadian visas you are eligible for – Canadian immigration and visa information.

Passport for UAE citizens

Passports can be applied for or renewed at the Embassy. The process may take a few weeks, so please do not renew your UAE passport application at or last minute.

Contact us to make sure you have the complete documents required for your passport appointment. You will need identity documents and supporting documents, and passport applications, and fees.

Please contact us to be confident for UAE citizenship by Investment that you have everything and to make sure things go smoothly with your passport. Getting us before you arrive at the UAE Embassy in Canada will avoid the disappointment of having to make multiple visits your passport application or renewal.

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