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Redecorating a home requires a set of skills that are known to industry experts and best-chosen interior designers. Lucky for you, we have put together a handful of seven such tips from the finest in the industry to make your life easy. In essence, these are all easy to do tricks and don’t cost you a fortune or learn a new skill. You will be amazed to know replacing the smallest thing in the room would make the most significant impact. It could be the inclusion of a mirror, artwork on the wall, a lampshade, or even adding a plant to your living space. In some cases, it might call for softening the walls or brightening them as the need may be. So, let’s begin.

 The Magic of Wall Colors 

If you are looking to maximize the look and feel of your living space, opt for soft tones as they tend to blend in really well with other furniture and articles in the room. Also, you can use mirrors strategically to your advantage as they allow the light to pour inside your room accurately. Here’s an old kept trick that has been used time and again by interior designers of all time. It uses mirrors and works on the principles’ of optical illusion, thus conjuring upon an idea of how big a room is when, in reality, it’s a lot smaller. Supplementing the setup will be the room that is painted in dark colors, which will make the other one look smaller in size when the natural light comes through.

Mirrors as an Essential Element for Transforming Home

 As explained earlier, mirrors can be used dramatically to the very best of your advantage. They can not only make a small place feel large but also get rid of a boxed-up feeling that usually is the case with a smaller, crammed up room. When mirrors are placed inside a large room or any room that is low on natural light, it instantly brightens up spaces. Furthermore, they serve to be significant decor elements in a place that looks empty or requires filling like a large wall. In other words, adding mirrors to your living space adds a whole new dimension altogether.

A mix-n-match of Textures and Patterns

The key to achieving symmetry and semblance in interior decor is to mix up everything. Bring together all patterns and textures in one place and pair it up to old furniture with new, and the cheap ones beside the expensive ones. There is one common understanding where every single master interior designer will gain ground, and that is your living space shall reflect and imbibe on your personality in taste and belonging, no matter how small or big it is. Take your granny’s old writing desk, for instance. No denying it bespeaks a story, a legacy of its own. It talks about the grand old past times when your forefathers lived. When you pair it beside your modern come-of- age couch, each piece has its fair share of the story to tell where they can linger and bask in the same spirit and co-exists in a new-found harmony.

The same thing goes for artwork on the wall. You might as well place a Monet beside a Dali or a Rembrandt beside Picasso. The unique blending of contrasting approaches and patterns that goes into making such timeless creations is what adds to the essence of your living space and your being.

Refreshing Inclusions with Slipcovers

When you are looking to bring forth the very best of fresh designs, slipcovers are a great option to consider. Some people would reject them without offering a chance, but tell you what slipcovers can change the very way your furniture to reflect seasonal changes. They can be easily removed and facilitates one to impart a sophisticated look without having to worry about people and pets, making your furniture dirty. Furthermore, slipcovers work great to match up with one and all rooms, and they are useful in houses where they are kids. Slipcovers, when used on your furniture in the right manner, offer a relaxed, comfy, and sophisticated feel all around!

Never Ignore your Budget 

No matter what, never get carried away when you are looking to achieve a makeover for your sweet abode. Keep a tab on your budget, and always try to reuse things that you already have. For instance, when looking for a set of accessories for decor needs, take a very good look at the things that you have before you run over to a modern furniture store. You might as well repurpose certain items to the best of your advantage. Consider the following if need be:

  • Use your old plates and decorate color them to create innovative wall art.
  • Cutaway funny pictures and photos from children’s books, like nursery rhymes, to decorate their living walls.
  • Try to discover ways to stack your most-loved books vertically.

Go Green for Home Transformation

Consider including plants, as they are a sure-fire and inexpensive way to accessorize your surroundings. It totally makes sense as plants are much-needed addition that functions to keep the air clean and also control humidity in and around your home by absorbing pollutants.

Don’t Forget Rugs 

If your home has wood flooring, cleaning and maintenance come easy. However, during winter, the floor might require a little addition to keep it warm. Hence, it would be a good thing to invest in area rugs that also effectively adds to the color, personality, and overall vibe of your room. With rugs, you are looking at endless possibilities as one can change them from one season to another and are also easy to maintain, as the dirt comes off with a quick wash.

By embracing the tips mentioned above, you can surely throw in a different air of comfort and style for your otherwise mundane living spaces in the very best manner possible. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the stores and start reimagining your home today!

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