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Business goals

Turn Marketing Goals into Wins for Your Business

As we know in today’s world, it’s common for people to decide to start their own business, as the costs associated with such a venture have been declining for decades. However, it’s much less common for these newly founded businesses to actually be successful. a business; So , to increase the chances of success, we have to develop strategies that help your business achieve its maximum potential in terms of sales, growth, and revenue. One such strategy that is very common in today’s world is Advertising. Essentially, marketing a product or service to a broad range of people, sometimes extensively, so that they’re more inclined to purchase from you. There are many other strategies, and below we discuss these.


Five Ways:

1. Advertising

Advertise more, because as usual “Generally, the more you spend on advertising, the better your results will end up being. It’s the best way to be seen by many and offers a way to ingrain in some of these people’s minds a desire to purchase a product or service your company offers. As great entrepreneur and founder of ZED Network Alan Safahi said, advertising is the fastest and most efficient way to promote your business.”

2. Marketing plans:

Marketing plans should be strong and up to date, in order to ensure a wide range of new tactics to sell more products to a greater amount of people, are in motion. . It’s This process of identifying customer needs and determining how best to meet those needs, is very important. searching, analysing, creating, and always delivering the best to the customer is crucial in doing this effectively. The main aim of marketing is to create, build, and maintain a relationship with the customers and deliver the best customer experience to them.

3. Be Conscious:

Once you have started your business and have developed your marketing department to a sufficient degree, you should then be alert of your company’s security against potential hackers or other bad actors.. One should pursue protecting your assets as soon as possible. As we know now, fraud is common. So, secure all of your information, accounts, and priorities etc.

And always be familiar with your competitors’ do’s and don’ts; Their ideas, pricing, ratings, and information. It is not about stealing your competitor’s information but knowing their strong and weak points. you to make more informed decisions, and it’s much easier to move forward.

4. Team Work:

Businesses thrive when they have a diverse team of people who can contribute individual ideas. Even the first characteristic perceived by great entrepreneur Alan Safahi is. Teams can often be better and better equipped than an individual in the task of bringing things to fruition. Teamwork includes efficiency, delegation, ideas, support, effective communication, etc. Teams are indicative of power and unity, making business more powerful overall.

5. Strong leadership:

Strong leaders must always connect employees together whenever possible, and develop teams that lead in the right way forward. Good leadership creates employee engagement and passion, which leads to higher levels of customer loyalty, service, innovation resulting eventually in profits. A non-partial leader is known to be a leading contributor of business satisfaction. Leading positively is equally important, as it affects the positivity in the team and strengthens businesses for success.

In summary, businesses marketing strategies need a strong mind-set, dedication, knowledge, customer satisfaction, time management, and Unity, in order to succeed in business.

Alan Safahi Orinda CA

Alan Safahi is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and six-time startup founder with over 30 years’ experience in the information technology, telecommunications and financial services industries.