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floral shirts
By SHRUTI GOPCHE 1,604 views

How cloths turn your boring work days into fun days

Working from home is a new concept for almost everyone and since last year, people are missing the touch of going to the office. Everyone misses meeting their colleagues, the time spent in the office with other friends, discussing work, and most importantly, deciding which new outfit to wear for work every day. The outfits that you wore for work used to be according to your mood and your confidence. 

Well, then why not bring back the same fun? Why not make your outfit fun and interesting to wear while you are sitting at home so that you get into the mood of working. As you are at home, your outfits do not require you to stick to formals. Rather they should be very comfortable yet smart so that you enjoy your day as much as you will enjoy your work. 

You might wonder why you should get up and plan an outfit if you are spending your day on your couch attending zoom meetings and conference calls? What is the logic behind this? Well, it has been over a year since we are shut inside our homes. Even though everything around is slowly getting back on track, everything around needs restrictions. So, do you not miss getting up in the morning, fresh, and deciding on an outfit for yourself? Do you not miss wearing funky yet elegant clothes while going to the office in the morning? Therefore, having fun with fashion is a must even while sitting at home. You might be working from home and seen by no one, that does not mean you would stay in your pajamas or joggers. 

While doing this, you might put on some new items in your closet that did not get a chance to be worn due to the lockdown or find your favorite dress. Mentioned here are some of the coolest outfits mixed with fun that you can even wear while sitting at home and attending meetings. This will just make you feel comfortable and professional at the same time.  

Blue and white striped shirt and loose pants 

Another work-from-home day, however, why not make it look charming? Hence, a decent blue and white striped shirt would be a distinct advantage. Since this shirt is such an explanation piece, you should incline towards giving it more relaxed energy by styling it with loose pants. Loose pants look out of control as well as are entirely agreeable also. Extras consistently go with all outfits. Put on some adorable choker jewelry and a few rings to finish your look!

A conventional overcoat and with shirt and jeans 

All things considered, you just gave yourself a decent relaxed look. Why not go to certain formals now? Recall the overcoats and the conventional jeans you used to wear to the workplace for gatherings? We should bring them back for a zoom meeting also! Wear your coat and your jeans – to make them look a bit relaxed, wear an agreeable shirt within. Tie up your hair into a bun or a braid and your look is finished. It is the ideal method to begin a day with zoom gatherings and for occupied work hours. 

If you are looking for good blazers and formal shirts, you can check them out on Allen Solly. Allen Solly formal shirts are pretty decent and smart. You can get them and enhance your formal look! 

Floral short-sleeve coat shirt and freight pants

 It’s midweek and you may begin losing your fashion stream to make your outfit fun and fascinating. All things considered, here is the answer to this. Why not make your look relaxed and agreeable yet in addition fun simultaneously? Pick a flower short-sleeve coat shirt and pair it with freight pants. The ideal look that would fill tones on a typical and lethargic day. Once more, frill would be an ideal method to finish your look. A few accessories and wristbands would be ideal for your look.

Silk spotted top with ripped boyfriend jeans 

You can keep one of your looks a total western-glitz style. Go for glossy silk spotted top – as silk slips delightfully on the body and polka-dabs add to the good times! Pair it up with boyfriend jeans, ideally ripped, since it adds a crazy look! You ought to consistently go for baggy pants when you are telecommuting as they are truly agreeable and you would not have any desire to eliminate them in the day due to the bothering that skinny pants make. This look is likewise amazing when you go to the workplace genuinely before the week’s over to say something!


Workdays are busy and tiring. So, why not add some fun to this tiring day? It is in your hands to give an interesting turn to your day. This can be done by adding colors and fun to your outfit. 

So, go ahead and make your work from home fun and exciting! 

Shruti Gopche

Shruti is a well-known copyrighter who loves to write on shopping, real estate, education, and product reviews. She eagerly awaits for right travel opportunity and captures her experience in words and publishes it with partner blogger friends.