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Twitter Vs Threads
By TECHBY TEX 1,144 views

Face-Off War For Social Media Dominance: Twitter Vs. Threads

Threads is a newly launched arsenal of Meta, providing tough competition to Twitter. On the 5th of July, Threads hit the media and has since amassed over 100 million users to date. A brief look at its features will show its capabilities of accommodating posts of up to 500 characters which is nearly double Twitter’s limit. Threads has undoubtedly grabbed users with its versatility allowing them to include, photos and videos up to 5 minutes in length in their daily posts.

According to some media officials,

“The similarities between Twitter Vs Threads will keep users muddled or could become the Twitter killer, given that it has frustrated Musk with all the shrilling reasons”

What Actually Caused Users To Flee?

There can be multiple reasons behind fleeing from Twitter to Threads. However, one of the contributors to the gradual decline in the trajectory is the rate limit imposed by Musk on July 1st. The next push could be an $8 payment for Twitter Blue. Once the user crosses the threshold of 600, Twitter refused to load new tweets. When it is protested the microblogging platform justified the action by calling it a preventive measure against bots and AI scrapers. Moreover, Musk dismissed several engineering teams for some awkward reasons, which proved to add fuel to the fire.

When Twitter disallowed infinite scrolling, it went against the platform’s financial interest because more scrolling is directly connected with ad permissions. The neglected service has affected the platform on the following grounds:

  • Shrunk user base
  • Fewer ad permissions led to little treasure
  • Rampant Misinformation
  • 24/7 Breaking news trend
  • Expert communities migrated to Mastodon and Bluesky
  • Twitter has transformed into a ghost town where only Musk anecdotes are left for saying “good” or “nice”, and are ready to pay $8 for this flattery

Is Rolling Out Threads Perfectly Planned Or Just A Fluke?

Well, it seems that it is a well-crafted launch of a platform that Meta decided on years ago to surprise Twitter. It would be more accurate to say that Meta has perfectly utilized Twitter’s bad times and open Threads to convince users. Plus, it persuaded users to enjoy a simple text-based search. Additionally, it does not have any direct messaging capabilities and if users are interested in reels or videos, they should head to Instagram.

What Is The Strategy Of Threads For Hitting Million Users Milestone In A Few Days?

Threads’ one competitive advantage is the user base it already has from Instagram. Plus, Threads does not need to invest in running intro campaigns to let social media users know about the newly created platform. However, Meta would have no issue in spending dollars if it were the case, but Threads has an edge over other platforms like Bluesky and Mastodon. Threads is flourishing organically and might not require anything to do to grow from scratch. Furthermore, Meta senses all the loopholes of Twitter, users’ needs, and expectations, and is enthused to scale up all missed-out features. Plus, broken-hearted users of Twitter find Threads a purely viable alternative for maintaining social connections.

“Twitter Killer” Or “Twitter Clone”?

IT enthusiasts and social media-savvy users are all thinking along the same lines, whether Threads will prove to be a Twitter killer” or just a Twitter clone”?

People are connected via Twitter for a long time, getting associated with the fan base and curating communities with like-minded users. The strategy of Threads to be a Twitter killer is to:

  • Earn user’s trust
  • Provide an easy medium to transport following built communities
  • Introduce attractive features to propel Twitteritees to leave for Threads
  • Provide any feasible way to find similar niche groups on Threads
  • Help users in building an audience they will find encouraging to move out when their followers will stop logging in to Twitter. No one wants to stay in a ghost Town

However, the possibility is still there that Threads will be the Twitter Clone since it has already amassed a large user base with well-reputed brands, influencers, and politicians, and as a go-to communication channel for celebrities.

Zuckerberg said in a Threads post,

“It’ll take some time, but I think there should be a public conversations app with one billion+ people on it. Twitter has had the opportunity to do this but hasn’t nailed it. Hopefully, we will”.

In a post published on Thursday, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri said,

“The platform is built for “public conversations” and the company was looking to bring some of what we’ve built for photos and videos on Instagram to Threads with the text.”

Adam Mosseri tried to surprise social media users,

“Meta hoped people would engage with the platform in “friendly and open” conversations. Meta was looking to integrate the ActivityPub protocol, the technology behind the Mastodon server and network, which could potentially enable Instagram users to carry their followers into Threads”.

According to Analysts,

“Investors were ecstatic over the possibility lightened by Mosseri, that Threads’ ties to Instagram might give it a built-in user base and advertising apparatus. That could siphon pertinent advertising revenue from rivals like Twitter”.

What Can Stop Social Media Users From Jumping On The Bandwagon Of Threads?

The only thing that can stop users from joining the trend is privacy, and Meta has long been criticized and accused of mishandling personal data. Later, these facts and figures are used for targeted ads that help it to grow and earn billions of dollars inorganically every quarter. That’s why Threads is not yet launched in the European Union market, where strict law is enforced and rules are imposed to guard users’ privacy. European regulators are on high alert already about Threads, as red flags are already witnessed when Meta was caught breaching WhatsApp privacy.

The Most Recent Dig Of Musk At Zuck

One Twitter user wrote,

“It has now been 6 days since the CEO of that other app made a post. Did he give up on it already?”

Musk did not miss the chance to hit Zuck, as he always does,

“He doesn’t seem to care about his new product.”

Apple’s Weekly App Rankings: Threads Stays In Top-3

According to Apple’s weekly app rankings,

“Threads was one of the most hyped free apps for the week ending July 9th. Though it is not too shocking, given that Threads has already garnered over 100 million users since launching last week.”

Well, for some users, the difference between Threads vs Twitter is that you will call retweets “reposts” and tweets “threads”. See what happens next; the face-off war to rule out social media dominance never ends.

TechBy teX