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building site hoarding
By PERSIA THOMAS 3,257 views

A Guide to the Different Types of Building Site Hoarding

If you’re wondering what type of hoarding would be best for your construction site, this guide will discuss the different types of building site hoarding.

Deciding what site hoarding you want to use for your building site can be tricky, as there are various factors to consider and different functions each type of hoarding serves. To make your decision easier, this guide will cover the different types of building site hoarding. 

Here are four different types of building site hoarding:

  • Timber hoarding 
  • Steel hoarding 
  • Water-filled base hoarding 
  • Concrete hoarding 

I’ll elaborate further on the building site hoardings mentioned above to help you decide what might be best for your construction site. Keep reading to learn the different varieties that site hoarding contractors offer!

Types of Building Site Hoarding  

Although it might seem like one type of construction site hoarding is enough, there are several reasons why hoarding is made in numerous different materials. Provided that each kind serves a different function, it’s important to know which one will work best for your site.

1. Timber Hoarding 

As the most eco-friendly and secure option for long-term projects, you’ll find that many large construction sites use timber hoarding. This type of hoarding has a great reputation, as the timber is sustainably sourced. 

Here are the benefits of using timber hoarding:

  • Timber hoarding is eco-friendly. Since timber is ethically and sustainably sourced, it can greatly reduce a company’s negative environmental impact. 
  • Timber hoarding can be reused. Depending on the hoarding’s condition, it can be used more than once. The reusable advantage that timber hoardings have can save businesses time and money, giving you bang for your buck.
  • This type of hoarding can come with gates. Given that one of the hoardings’ functions is to serve as access control, having gates on the barriers makes it easier to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Timber hoarding is available in various colors. If you want your company colors, vivid safety warnings, and signage, timber hoarding allows for designs that are impossible to miss. Safety signage and warnings that stand out are crucial for the welfare of pedestrians and construction workers on-site.  

2. Steel Hoarding 

Steel hoarding is one of the most commonly used hoardings, as it’s fire resistant and great for long-term construction. Whether the construction site is small, medium or large, steel hoarding offers great benefits for them all.

Here are the benefits of using steel hoarding for construction sites:

  • Steel hoarding is highly durable. Hoarding made of steel is one of the most durable varieties on the market. The robust and resistant nature of steel hoarding makes it the perfect option for long-term projects, where damage to the hoarding is more likely to happen. 
  • This variety is eco-friendly. Steel hoarding is very resistant to damage, making them suitable for re-usage. Its eco-friendliness makes steel hoarding a cost-effective option for companies, as its resistance and the frequency you can re-use it means you won’t have to buy a new one after using it once or even three times. 
  • Can be installed with several fencing options. Steel hoarding is compatible with fencing options such as anti-climb fencing for a security boost. Construction site burglary and vandalism incidents aren’t uncommon. So, fencing can help reduce the possibility of a safety breach.
  • Steel hoarding is portable and quick to set up. Steel hoarding is easily portable and isn’t time-consuming to establish, making them convenient for temporary or urgent situations.

3. Water-Filled Base Hoarding 

Water-filled base hoarding is often used temporarily and for short-term projects and has freestanding systems that can be used on every construction site. There are several benefits to this easy-to-use hoarding.

Here are the benefits of using water-filled base hoarding:

  • Water-filled base hoarding is easy to establish and remove. If you’re using this type of hoarding for one-time use, you’ll likely not want to spend much time setting it up or taking it down. Setting up and dismantling a water-filled base hoarding takes no time at all and is seamlessly portable.
  • This type of hoarding has interlocking systems. An interlocking system on hoarding allows for a quick and easy setup. Since this hoarding interlocks, it makes a convenient option for urgent matters or temporary use.
  • It can contain a gate system. Water-filled base hoarding can be set up with gate systems that manage accessibility, vehicles, and pedestrians.

4. Concrete Hoarding 

Concrete barrier hoarding is one of the most durable options for building site hoarding. Most concrete barriers are reinforced, making them a suitable choice for long-term projects that require sturdy barriers.

Here are the benefits of using concrete hoarding:

  • Concrete hoarding is resilient. According to SafeSite Facilities, reinforced concrete barriers weigh over two tonnes each. Given that concrete hoarding is that heavy, it makes them impossible to move by hand, adding an extra layer of security to your construction site.
  • This type of hoarding offers more weather resistance. For example, more lightweight varieties of hoarding can get tipped over by strong winds, whereas concrete hoarding is unlikely to budge. Using concrete hoarding in sites with more extreme weather is an effective long-term solution.
  • Concrete hoarding is durable. The durability of concrete hoarding is incomparable and can be used several times. Regular weathering of the concrete slabs is unlikely to make a difference to their effectiveness, making this type of hoarding one of the most cost-effective choices. 
  • It can be re-used. If you buy concrete hoarding instead of hiring it, you can be confident that you can use it for several projects. Unless your hoarding gets damaged to the point where you can’t re-use it, concrete slabs will always be a great option if you want to hoard that you can use many times over. 

Final Thoughts

Deciding on a suitable variety of hoarding can make all the difference to your project, as it helps keep the building, pedestrians, and construction workers safe. With security aspects and some advertising opportunities, building site hoarding is necessary and effective for construction!

Persia Thomas