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The world is developing fast in each and every sector. The most imminent one, however, is the construction industry. It is almost impossible to find an area with no ongoing construction and part of the reason may be to accommodate the growing population or better still create more places for doing business. Regardless of the reason, you should know that earth moving is a key part of the construction process. Earthmoving can be done in different type depending on the type of constructing or building you intend to pursue. One fact that is however true is that we need earth movers to get the job going and for that, you may have to purchase parts of JCB attachments to help you with your project. Check out below the different types of earth movers in the construction industry today and what they are actually used for.


In the construction field, backhoes are used for digging purposes only. A backhoe is a mixture of the excavator and front loader. Backhoes are adapted to work in limited space and can be used for both digging, leveling and loading of materials. The bucket attached on the front helps the machine to scoop materials from the ground and also does the leveling tasks. At the back of the backhoe is an attached arm connected to a bucket. With this feature, the backhoe operator can dig and remove materials from a construction area. The size of the bucket attached to the arm is dependent on the nature of digging that is needed. Backhoes are therefore crucial earth moving machines that the construction industry cannot work without.

Compactors (Road Rollers)

Road Rollers are used for one very simple task, rolling and compacting materials to the ground. You must have seen them during road constructions as they are used to solidify soil, concrete, and even gravel. The operator uses this machine to compress the surface on which it is driven.


Leveling is an important aspect of construction especially when you want to get your topography right. The graders are useful machines with blades beneath them to level the bulk earth that is moved by the bulldozer or excavator. The machine is pretty instrumental especially when you need to start paving or designing concrete slabs. The blade below the machine can be adjusted to move and tilt as directed by the operator and that makes this earthmover very relevant and important in the construction industry.


We pass by bulldozers every time on construction sites doing the heavy duty work that most machines cannot. Bulldozers are first of all preferred for their ability to work without damaging their working ground adversely. They are designed to do well in different areas like steep slopes, flat surfaces or even rough terrains. Bulldozers are able to push earth, rocks, trees and any other materials on earth through the use of their hydraulically operated blade. The machine can also be used to pull farming implements and even pulling large trailers.


The sole role for excavators is excavating materials from the ground or holes. Its dual track system gives it the stability it needs to move in 3600 radius moving materials. Through the help of hydraulic pistons, its arms can move to the desired direction and get work done. The attachments can be fitted with different buckets to help with the digging and scooping of materials from the earth. The machine can also be used in the collection of earth material in a pile also known as a deposition.


Cranes are used for the lifting of heavy materials from off the ground. They are normally attached to the bucket and can be used in moving or lifting heavy objects from one place to another. The most common materials lifted are debris and waste among other construction materials.

Combi Hoes

This is a unique military entrenching machine that has a long handle is used for breaking up earth clumps and the leveling. The device is used as a shovel and a scrapper which are very instrumental instruments in small scale earthmoving. Consider checking out and purchase parts of JCB earth movers to get your project going without any issues.

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    It’s interesting to know that excavators can have different attachments on them. I’m interested in looking for a civil earthmoving service soon because I’d like to make my property a bit more level. I think that will make it easier to plan out where to get my new barn built.

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