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kids room
By SARAH MARRY 664 views

What are the Steps to Design a Unique Kids Room?

“The first happiness of a baby is to know he is loved” as depicted from the above quote the happiness and joy of kids or babies only depend upon the fact that they feel love care from other, especially from parents. There can be a lot of ways to show some love or gratitude but you can also make them comfortable in their rooms so they can enjoy their stay. As it’s obvious mostly kids are not at home they just go to school then tutions and all that but once they are home they must feel motivated, relaxed and charmed because their little stay at home must be cosy enough so they can warm them up for their next day tough routine. Most people do not focus on kids’ rooms and maintenance because they just say that kids will be living all around the home but it’s not correct there must be proper separate rooms for them so they can enjoy doing what they want. The professional team present at Fit out companies in Dubai or Dubai fit-out will guide you on how to set up a room for kids. Here are some of the tips to make this magic happen.

1) Let them choose everything:

The first thing you can do is to let the kids decide what they want to have in their rooms because it’s the same as everyone in the family or house has different likes and dislikes when talking about certain things. The kids must be set free to choose what kind of colour themes they want in the room, what kind of wallpapers and interior etc. The children mostly like to have their favourite characters sticking all around the walls and their favourite game shows lying at their ease to access so everyone must be decided by the kids to make them happy.

2) Ask them about themes:

Kids are too much different they want perfection and accuracy in everything they won’t like if they want to have any of the themes in their room then it must look like what they have asked nothing else. The baby girls mostly want to have some flowering patterns or some Cinderella-type theme and baby pick colours incorporated into the room but on the other side, the boys want to have Benton or spiderman and some blue or darker themes plus some playing games so you must need to ask them first whenever you are going to design their room.

3) Adding some playing area:

The major playing area of the house that is sometimes in the backyard or near to lawn can also be used for this purpose but it’s suggested that kids must have a playing area in their set-up room so they can easily play and rest whenever they want to do. The playing area must be properly designed and maintained to make it an interesting corner of the room. There must be some of their favourite games, cartoon series and some indoor games well designed with properly adjusted themes to maintain the focus of the kids for a longer period so they can make their spare time healthy and enjoyable.

4) Get things done by kids:

Kids are the most creative minds you can ever have in your home you just have to let them what to do and they will assist you every time. For example, if you are trying to add some paintings and decorative pieces they will help you a lot to carry the whole process but they will also give you suggestions as to what you can do more and all that. Their drawings and decoration pieces can be the most beautiful and adorable and they will love to have these items in their room as these will remind them of their creativity every time they look at these elements.

5) Furnishings and paints:

It’s also necessary to take suggestions from the kids in the selection of colour schemes and furniture items because they have different and unique ideas. Mostly the kids love to have some cosy and kids style furniture items specially designed for them and have their favourite characters on these and the colour of the paint they want to have will also be unique and mesmerising so it’s better to take suggestions from the kids as they have to live and spend most of their time there.


These are some of the tips you can follow to set up your special kid’s room according to their preferences and likings and they will seriously enjoy the process.

Author bio:

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