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Smell in the Car
By AMELIA GRANT 558 views

7 Alarming Reasons for the Unpleasant Smell in the Car You Should be Aware of

Even though the car interior is a ventilated space, it can accumulate unpleasant odors. Smells linger in the car willingly and can spoil the whole trip. It is not surprising since you will be trying to be attentive and focused on the road but unpleasant odors can interfere with a comfortable ride. In this article, we have gathered seven alarming reasons for the unpleasant smell in the car you should be aware of.

1. Fuel

The smell of fuel in the car is deemed the most dangerous. This is a signal for a leak in the fuel system. If you have noticed a smell of fuel, it is essential to send the car for diagnostics to service. The exhaust runs along almost the entire length of the car, so a leak under the hood and in the area of ​​the fuel tank is equally dangerous.

2. Oil

Even though the smell of oil is not as dangerous as fuel odor, it smells no less disgusting. Burnt grease falling on hot exhaust components can create a strong odor. It is essential to check the engine not only because of a possible fire but because of the risk of blinking the oil level and getting too expensive engine repairs.

3. Clutch

The scent of a burnt clutch usually appears after a wheel slip or a tough mistake when changing gears. Even inexperienced drivers can determine the source of the unpleasant odor. If the smell passes quickly, there is no need to worry. But if the odor persists throughout the ride, it is better to check the clutch for proper operation and correct adjustment.

4. Moisture

Dampness in the car interior accumulates in the floor carpet in most cases. This is a common situation in autumn and winter since it is almost impossible to get into the car in perfectly dry shoes. You should understand that excessive moisture can lead to the occurrence of mold and various bacteria. If you are not lazy to shake off your shoes, your floor carpets have more chances to remain dry. But if you have noticed moisture, it is enough to pour out the accumulated water from the rubber mats or dry the nap.

5. Antifreeze

The sweetish smell of antifreeze is difficult to confuse with something since it’s odor is unique in the car. Due to the connection of the cooling and heating systems, you and your passengers will quickly become aware of the leak. It can also manifest itself through slight fogging of the windshield near the air deflector. Another sure indicator is the coolant level in the expansion tank. Its fall indicates an emergency situation.

6. Air conditioning

The air conditioning or climate control system requires regular maintenance. But if you have forgotten about cleaning, the musty smell will remind you that it is time to repair the air conditioning in the car. You can visit a car service for the antibacterial treatment of the air conditioning system. It is essential to get rid of an unpleasant smell from the air conditioning system since dirty the system eventually becomes a breeding ground for various fungi and bacteria.

7. Brakes

Modern brake systems (with ABS and ESP) are quite effective and shouldn’t smell during normal operation. Otherwise, a wedging brake pad is likely the source of the burning smell. There are several diagnostic methods.

The easiest way is to determine the degree of heating of the brake discs with the help of your hand after driving. But you shouldn’t put your finger on them. Even a mechanism that has worked in normal mode will easily leave a burn. To check your brakes, it is enough to place your hand above them. If one of the brakes turns out to be noticeably hotter than the others, it means that something is wrong with it.

Amelia Grant

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