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upvc blog post
By JOE MAILLET 756 views

What Makes uPVC Products Best for your Home?

When we are moving into a new house, the first and foremost requirement is installing doors and windows. And these should be sturdy, rigid, corrosion-free, and guarantee 100% security. They should also be economical and last for a long time. And what better option is there than to consider uPVC made doors and windows? uPVC doors and windows fulfill all the requirements ensuring safety and protection.

The best uPVC manufacturer in India makes it a point to deliver the best quality products to customers. They take special care in processing, manufacturing, and putting out the end product. There are a lot of companies today that manufacture uPVC doors and windows in customized designs. 

But what makes uPVC products the best for your home? Let’s take a look. 

Why Should You Consider uPVC Products for Your Home?

There are several reasons as to why you should consider switching to uPVC doors and windows today. Not only are they long-lasting but also guarantee you maximum security for your home. They are also quite economical and saves a lot of money during and after installation. Switching to uPVC made doors and windows can be a suitable option for you. 

Some of the advantages of installing doors and windows made out of uPVC material are as follows:

  1. They are weather-proof

Doors and window frames made out of uPVC provide maximum protection against weather changes. Timber and other forms of wood tend to absorb moisture and degrade easily. They also alter under bad weather conditions. But not uPVC. uPVC-made products will never alter or corrode, no matter how extreme the weather situation is. 

  1. They act as insulators against heat

uPVC is an insulating material. Hence, products made out of uPVC will insulate heat and electricity. If your house has uPVC doors & windows, it will keep it warm during winter and cool during summers. It also achieves more from air conditioning and heaters. In a way, it also helps save energy and reduce electricity bills.

  1. They protect against fungi and insects

uPVC products are antifungal and anti-termite. That means they cannot get degraded by insects such as termites. Neither can they grow fungus because of moisture. This is one advantage of uPVC not found in the case of wood. Wood degrades easily due to fungal and termite tracks but not uPVC.

  1. They act as a sound insulator

Nowadays, noise pollution is at its peak. However, installing uPVC doors and windows can be a solution for your homes. uPVC is a material that protects against loud noises and maintains privacy. This is because the material itself acts as an insulator against sound. It regulates and controls harsh noise from outside and inside.

  1. They do not require extra maintenance

uPVC doors and windows require minimum maintenance. You do not have to put in extra efforts at maintaining products made of uPVC. Just cleaning with soap and water every month does the trick. Since uPVC does not warp, alter, and corrode, there is no need for special maintenance. It also saves a lot of money in the long run.

  1. They are resistant to fire

You don’t have to worry about your uPVC doors and windows being destroyed if there is a fire. uPVC products are fire-resistant, unlike wood. Wood can catch fire easily and can prove to be quite dangerous. However, uPVC doors and windows cannot catch fire so easily. Therefore, installing uPVC doors and windows at your home sounds like a viable option.

Where to get the best uPVC Products in India?

JAMEX uPVC is the best uPVC manufacturer in India. The company makes uPVC windows and door systems using German technology. Jamex specializes in customized sliding doors, French doors, casement doors, and sliding folding doors. They also manufacture customized sliding windows, casement windows, top hung windows, and fixed windows.  

This brand assures top-notch quality and high standards when it comes to their products. Jamex has satisfied customers because of the best quality and economical products that look new for decades.


uPVC doors and windows are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. More people are shifting to these products for their homes. Just not homes, uPVC doors, and windows prove to be effective in offices, industries, and hospitals. Their non-corrosive properties, rigidity, durability, and zero maintenance properties make them suitable and valuable. 

The best uPVC manufacturer in India is profiting a lot from this, and they deserve to. They aim to bring out the best quality products from top quality uPVC. They are customer friendly also and fulfill all the needs of their clients. This is what makes them so popular, and they never fail to bring a smile on their clients’ faces. 

Joe Maillet

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