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Are you a makeup lover? You must have bought unlimited beauty products that are hard to manage. Organizing them often becomes quite frustrating. However, they are so much expensive, therefore you need to keep them safe. Otherwise, they will get be ruined. And you do not want to waste the money. If you are facing this problem, don’t worry, we are here to help you. You just need to spare some of the time and give a glance over the article. As today, we will give you the easiest way to organize your makeup essentials. The best part about our hack is that you do not need to buy any new boxes, we going to utilize your old presentation boxes.

As most of you must have bought a designer dress and they all come in such packaging, so we are going to utilize this box for keeping your precious makeup look. You just have to take them out from the drawer and here you will do with keeping them.

You just have to prepare the custom presentation boxes, and the best part is that all things will easily be available in your home. Moreover, it takes you less than half an hour and you will get the beautiful organizer. The purpose of making your organizer is that as you do not want to spend extra money on buying a new organizer. Moreover, these organizers are not spacious enough to carry all these things. Therefore, we are going to make our own which will carry all the stuff. These organizers are going to be super spacious, additionally, you will keep most of the items on them. As some of the presentation packaging comes with a transparent covering, using such packaging would easily display your things. Moreover, you can easily keep them over your vanity tables.

Step by Step to Design Your Organizer

Wrap the box

The first thing which you need to do is to wrap the box. You can pick any kind of paper for its wrapping. For instance, you can take the glitter sheets or can also do the wrapping with glaze paper. It is entirely your choice. You can opt for anyone for your box which you think would suit you. Well in our case, we are wrapping with a glitter sheet. Because I find it convenient to paste. As it comes with the pre-glued backside. You just have to pull out the back paper, and here you will do with the pasting thing. Since we are making two organizers, so wrap both of the presentation boxes. Start by covering the bottom then you will do the lid part. However, you can miss the inner part of the lid. As it is not going to be exposed, so do not wrap it.

Make different compartments in the box

First, decide which items you are going to place in one box. Let’s assume that you want to keep the lip glosses, lip pencils, foundations, and concealers in one box. So, while making the compartments you should keep their size in mind. For instance, for lip glosses, you can make a small compartment. As they are quite thin, so you can easily keep them in one compartment. Moreover, when it comes to making the compartment for the foundations, you need to give more space. Since they are quite thick in size, so they will take a lot of things. Therefore, you should make the right compartments for every product. Once you are done with making the compartments. Dividing the presentation box with all these walls would make your box look more beautiful.

How can You make the Walls in the Boxes?

There is no rocket science in making their walls. You just simply grab the cardboard for making them. Moreover, you can also utilize use the old shoe boxes for them. As most of them are made with cardboard. You can easily cut them into simple walls. The walls should easily fit in the boxes. Moreover, you can also wrap them. Just like wrapping the box, you simply have to use the glitter sheets and make the perfect walls. Once you are done with making them then you can place them in the presentation boxes. And here you go with the perfect vanity box.

Customize your name on the box

This is the most amazing step in making customized organizers. You can cover the whole boxes with beautiful sheets and also customize your name on them. As many people love to write their names on the boxes, so you can utilize different colors for writing your name. For instance, if you used the black sheet for covering the whole box, then you can utilize the red sheet for writing the name. Use any font style for writing your name. Since it is going to be more prominent, so make sure that you have picked the most unique font style.

Showcase it on your vanity table

Since the purpose of making the organizers is to keep them on the vanity tables. Moreover, you should make them in the most beautiful form. Therefore, pick the vibrant hues for making them extra attractive. Moreover, you can make as many organizers as you can. For instance, for the compact powders, mascaras and liners you can utilize another presentation box.

You can also keep them in the drawers

Sometimes the drawers get too messy. Therefore, handling the whole makeup is the big issue. Especially, if you are a professional makeup artist. Moreover, people who are fond of doing makeup looks must deal with an unlimited number of items. Therefore, they are always in search of finding the right organizers. However, buying the organizers is not an easy thing. Therefore, you can utilize your old ones easily.

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