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By NIKKI CROSS 625 views

Benefits of Using VoIP for Business

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a technology for facilitating voice (and video) calls over the internet without using traditional phone lines. In this piece, we’re going to cover some of the advantages of VoIP for business.

What is a VOIP phone? Voice over Internet Protocol or  VoIP used to be restricted to the biggest companies only, but improvements in technology and a significant reduction in the price mean that it is now the preferred telecom solution for many small and medium-sized businesses.  In fact, some start-ups are now skipping analogue phone lines altogether and going VoIP only from day one. Read this guide to find out why.

Work From Anywhere, Any Time

VoIP conference calls and video chats save staff time by removing the need for employees to fly back to the workplace to hold a conference or to discuss sensitive issues with colleagues. Implementing VoIP technology will reduce the costs of transport to the business. For remote workers, VoIP may make it easier for employers to attract, train and retain employees as well as making remote workers feel like they are more included in the “team”.

Improve Your Overall Productivity

An organisation can reallocate funds normally used in conventional telecommunication to other places within the corporation. Boosting their efficiency.

With the right tool, users can connect, talk, and exchange files in real-time. Features like speech to text and voicemail to email make it quicker and easier to pass information between staff members or departments and deal with customer queries easier.

Better Call Quality

While early VoIP technologies were known to be buggy and unreliable, modern VoIP platform’s call quality is normally far better than analogue phone lines.

Improved Security

Most VoIP platforms are end-to-end encrypted, meaning that it is nearly impossible for anyone to listen in on the conversation or read what is being written. This is different to a copper phone line which can be tapped easily with little technical skill.

It is worth noting though that your VoIP platform is part of your overall IT network so you need to have some basic cybersecurity features in place like antivirus, ransomware protection and firewalls in order to prevent it becoming an attack vector for potential hackers.

Easy To Install and Manage

Configuration of VOIP requires very little technological expertise. In fact, this style of device is simpler to mount and more compact than conventional telephones (which often require trained telecoms engineers). There are less wires as well, making it tidier.

It is easier to future-proof your organisation as VoIP is highly scalable. Adding a new user is inexpensive and unlike installing a new phone line it does not require the expense or disruption of digging up the road outside.

The entire VoIP network can be configured from a single web-based admin portal from anywhere with an internet connection.

VoIP integrates various data sources into one network. It makes managing and storing your communications easier as they are now in a digital format.

Easy To Use

VoIP technologies are very easy to use, even for the non-technical. The most technophobic member of your team still probably knows how to use WhatsApp or Skype, and if they know how to use those, they will easily be able to use any number of VoIP platforms as almost all the features and layout are identical.

Save Money

Calls between users on any given VoIP platform are always free so you’ll never have to pay for your colleagues to contact each other. Local calls are also cheaper when made over a VoIP platform and international calls are significantly cheaper. This makes VoIP a great choice for businesses with staff in multiple countries. It allows them to stay in constant contact without the expense of making traditional phone calls.

Great, So How Do I Get VoIP?

If you read the above and understand the advantage of VoIP for a business, you are probably thinking “sounds great, how do I sign up”. You first need to decide which VoIP platform you will be using. There are several to choose from, Gamma Horizon is one that many small businesses choose.

Before choosing one platform over another you should investigate what reviews its current users give it and what alternatives are available.

You can also contact a third-party business telecoms provider who will help you choose a platform, implement the technology and manage any technical issues on an ongoing basis. Some of these providers also offer managed IT services, digital marketing, and other enterprise-technology services.

Nikki Cross

Hi, i am Nikki Cross. I am a freelance writer and blogger.