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Is there anything more fun and iconic than to spend new years eve with your friends and families in Sydney? The world-famous Sydney fireworks are a lifetime experience. People come from all over the world to see and enjoy it. it is truly an unforgettable experience. Whether it be watching the wire works from home or getting on a boat and enjoying the fireworks display, spending new years eve in Sydney is a very unique experience. The party usually kicks off at 6 pm on new years eve day and continues till 5 am the next morning. You can see the fireworks and waterworks display from far away. It consists of a festive atmosphere and a great live experience. The events are usually family-friendly and people of all ages are welcome. If you are planning to spend your new years eve day with a loved one, what better place to go than Sydney. Today we are going to look at some places that you can visit in Sydney to spend your new year’s eve and have a fun and unforgettable experience.

Here are some places to visit on the New Year’s Eve in Sydney:

  1. Harbor Of light

A procession takes place in the harbor, where several boats are decorated in rope light. You would want to book a ticket for this magical boat ride if you want to experience something new and special. This will also be great for people who love to go on boat rides and love the water. After the fireworks show has concluded these boats remain in the water and light up the place with the special rope lights and provide music and entertainment for people.

      2Sydney Opera House

If you are an opera fan, then what better place to spend your new years eve at the iconic and famous Sydney opera house. You can also attend the opera gala, which showcases the amalgamation of different musicals. After attending it you can enjoy the fireworks, then go to the midnight after-party. If you would rather skip the musical show, you would want to look at the Sydney portside. The event that takes place there has the best view under the opera house harbor sails. You can enjoy a great food menu with perfect champagne there.

  1. Barangaroo Reserve

This place is the cheapest way to watch the famous Sydney fireworks on New Year’s Eve. If you are someone who wants to spend little cash and still get to watch the fireworks, this place will do the trick for you. It has a great view, a good atmosphere and it is a generally fun place to be at. There will be alcohol-free zones in this location, so if you want to bring your children along, you can without any worry. Ticket prices can range from 14 dollars to as much as 75 dollars, depending on how many people you go with. As said before it is relatively cheaper compared to other places.

  1. Royal Botanical Gardens

If you fancy having a picnic on new year’s eve day and watch the fireworks along with it, take your family to the royal botanical gardens. It is a beautiful place to be as it is a 180-acre land that is surrounded by beautiful plants trees and flowers. The gardens will feature fun events ranging from family-friendly ones to all-night parties. Make sure to sign up before you visit, as only members can purchase tickets. To get a good spot to watch the fireworks, you must arrive early as you will be amongst thousands of people traveling there.

  1. Taronga Zoo

Taronga zoo offers the best view of the new year’s eve fireworks and hosts an annual party that sells out pretty quickly. It is a great choice for a couple or families who want to have a safe and unique experience on new year’s eve. Tickets usually sell out very quickly, so it is a good idea that you grab them as early as you can. Best of all, all the ticket proceeds go towards the conservation of the zoo. So it is also for a good cause.

  1. Field Day Sydney

This festival is one that consists of music and entertainment and artist from all around the world come to perform in it. Ranging from hip hop to rock music, it is a great place to be for music lovers. Many people from around the world come to attend it and there are about 20,000 people in the audience. It takes place at Domain Park in Central Sydney and people come and dance to the music and enjoy their new year’s eve. The party usually goes on till new years day and people come here after enjoying the fireworks and spend the rest of the night partying to the fullest. Tickets usually range from 150 dollars to 180 dollars. Keep your celebrations going and grab tickets for this event as they sell out very quickly.

  1. Pirrama Park

Looking for a hidden gem, Pirrama park offers a capacity of 15000 as well as drinks and food, also alcohol. It is placed in Pyrmont and offers a friendly and safe environment for people who want to enjoy the Sydney fireworks on New Year’s Eve. It opens at 2 pm on new years eve and offers a fun playground for children and plenty of picnic space for adults. You can have a picnic and enjoy the fireworks at the same time in this place. Ditch your car and get on public transport to reach this location. As it can get very busy on new years eve and you might get stuck in a traffic jam. Get there early so you can find a great place to setup up your picnic spot.

  1. Shark Island

Shark Island has one of the best views of the Sydney harbor and you can get a front-row seat for the Sydney fireworks when you get here. You will have to get there through a ferry so it is great for children as well. However, tickets are very expensive, 195 dollars per person and 130 dollars for children. The view comes with a price and only a few lucky people can go there, with a guest limit of 780 people only. It has plenty of food and good entertainment as well. It is a great place to be if you do not worry about spending some extra cash on New Year’s Eve.

  1. The Greens

The greens are a great choice if you want to spend time and have fun with your children on new year’s eve. It closes early so you can get your kids to bed on time. it has a family-friendly zone, that consists of a jumping castle for kids, a tasty three-course meal and interactive performers. The ticket price for a family of four people, two adults, and two children is 350 dollars.


If you don’t know what to do on New Year’s Eve, it is a great idea to get out and visit a place that you like. Sydney offers one of the world’s famous fireworks and people from around the globe come to see it. there are many places in Sydney where you can watch these iconic fireworks. In this article, we have given you some great ideas about some of the places that you can visit on new year’s Eve in Sydney and make it a memorable experience.

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