Thousands of questions come to the mind for anyone new to streaming apps and services as they try to get a grip about it. Understanding the terminologies that accompany any technology is important to understand what it can do for you. The question starts with what is Kodi, and then all issues related to it start surfacing. Let us begin with a simple explanation that should help to get an idea about the streaming app.

Kodi is a media center application or software that you can upload on any device regardless of the OS it uses. Kodi is highly versatile can adapt any operating system from Windows. Linux and Mac for desktops, Android, iOS and Chromebooks for mobile devices and even compatible with media streaming devices, Amazon Streamers, Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles.

Kodi forms the foundation of home entertainment that is accessible when you are moving around because it is suitable for mobile devices too. When you install Kodi, you have the right platform on which you can add applications and components that you will use for enhancing the viewing enjoyment of video streaming and other programs that provide wholesome entertainment.   Sports, live TV, movies, TV shows, and any other digital entertainment are now well within your reach, courtesy Kodi.  To know more about Kodi log on to a site about Kodi and there are plenty of them on the internet.

A long journey for Kodi

It has been a long journey for Kodi the open source software that made its first appearance in 2004. It is now on its way to complete 15 eventful years that has set new standards in digital entertainment and changed the traditional concepts about television viewing. Kodi has evolved with time and what you see today is the result of several updates that reached its latest mark when Kodi 17.6 released in November 2017.  The world is now waiting for the version Kodi 18 that is in the beta stage and yet not ready for official release.

Kodi is Everywhere

Kodi users are omnipresent because of the wide reach of the software that suits all kinds of devices and operating systems.  The app is so versatile that it is compatible with almost any type of device that comes to the mind from desktops to laptops to mobile devices of any variety from smartphones to tablets. Moving forward, you can install Kodi on television streaming boxes since it is equally compatible with Android OS. It will not be wrong to say that Kodi has contributed immensely to make Fire TV and stick more popular.

Use Kodi in Private

Maintaining privacy in viewing digital entertainment programs on the internet is high on the agenda for fans of streaming apps and services which is why they prefer to use VPN for enjoying Kodi uninterruptedly. VPN is so secured that it is impossible for ISPs to breach or bypass the great firewall that protects user data and ensures safe viewing with complete privacy.

Kodi has created a new brand of digital entertainment that has left users spoilt with choices.

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