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By JOE MAILLET 418 views

The Best Water Sports Adventures to Enjoy in Morzine, France

It’s no secret that Morzine is an incredible place for winter sports. However, did you know that in summer, once the ice has thawed and the snow has melted, it’s a pretty epic destination then too? With all sorts of activities on offer, it’s an outdoor adventurer’s paradise!

In this post, we’ll take a look at nine of the best water sports adventures you can have in Morzine. Let’s check them out!

Stand up Paddle Boarding

Once the ice thaws on Lake Montriond you have to want of the best destinations in the Alps for stand up paddleboarding. If you’ve never tried it before and are wondering how to paddle board, this is a great place to start. The mountain surroundings not only make for a gorgeous backdrop but shield the lake from winds and waves – meaning the waters are completely calm. Paddleboarding is not only a unique way to take in the sights, but it’s a workout for your core too. SUP is the perfect way to de-stress and disconnect in Morzine!

Aquatic Hiking

Hiking in Morzine is second to none, however, when the summer sun is beating down it can be a little exhausting and draining. If only there were ways to keep yourself cool while doing so! Aquatic hiking is that – you’ll walk along mountain river beds as they flow around you. Of course, you’ll be in waterproof clothing, but the feeling of the rushing river will still be refreshing.

White Water Rafting

Want to get the adrenaline flowing on your trip to Morzine? The class 3 and 4 rapids of the Dranse River will do just that. As well as being led by a professional guide, your group of 6 – 8 people per boat will have opportunities to stop off and try cliff jumping, or to watch wildlife.

As well as white water rafting, you can also hive hot dog rafting a go. This for groups of two people. You’ll use an inflatable kayak and there’s a much higher chance you’ll get soaked!

Whether you try traditional rafting or hot dog, it’s one of the most fun water activities you can do in Morzine – with several companies in the town offering rafting packages.


Canyoning is another extreme activity that will raise your heart rate. Following the natural course of a river, you’ll not only swim and dive but jump and abseil off waterfalls and cliffs. At some points on a canyoning adventure, you’ll even be able to descend on natural slides which are great fun! If you’re new to canyoning, it’s best that you go with a professional company to ensure your own safety – rather than attempting to do it yourself.


SUP is not the only way you can explore Lake Montriond. Kayaking is another way to take in the crystal-clear waters. Whether you want to do it solo or as a family, it’s an activity that you’re sure to remember for a long time. If you’re an experienced kayaker, you could also get off the beaten track and explore some white water on your own.

Diving and Snorkelling

Diving and snorkelling in the alps? Really?! Well, yes but not as you may know it. The Parc des Derechos offers you a safe and secure environment to take your first steps into scuba diving. The club uses a pool at the centre for beginner courses. However, when you get to a more advanced level, you’ll be diving into nearby lakes. It may not promise the warm waters or tropical fish that you get in Thailand and the Caribbean, but it’s just as good a place to start as any!


If you want to enjoy a water sport without the hassle of renting equipment and paying for tours, then there’s nothing better than swimming. Morzine has a whole range of swimming activities – from an outdoor Olympic sized swimming pool at the Parc des Dereches to the Aquariaz Water Park, which is fun for all the family. However, avoid the kayakers and SUPers at Lake Montriond to have a proper wild swimming experience and feel at one with nature.


SUP isn’t the only board sport you can do in and around Morzine – and it’s certainly not the most white knuckle. That would instead be wakeboarding – where you’re strapped to the back of a boat by a rope and follow along doing flips, jumps, and other impressive maneuvers. Wakeboarding is not something you should expect to be good at straight off the bat, but once you get the hang of it there are few things that are as fun as this!


When you have a kitchen in your apartment, you may want to cook dinner. If so, why go to the supermarket when you can head to the lakes and rivers around Morzine and catch your own? The waterways are stocked with trout, perch, fera, and much more fish. You can rent fishing equipment in Morzine itself if you don’t want to bring your own stuff.

Final Thoughts on the best water sports adventures to enjoy in Morzine, France

However you want to spend your holiday in Morzine, there’s an activity for you. Want to see the mountains from a glacial lake? Check. Hike along river beds? There’s that too. There are a huge range of activities you can do without getting wet too! globosurfer.com

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