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Ways To Keep Calm and Stay Away From Stress
Ways To Keep Calm and Stay Away From Stress
By MANISHA GULERIA 4,040 views

Ways To Keep Calm and Stay Away From Stress

In this world of the rat race, everyone has some kind of stress and anxiety. Whether he is school going kid or adult, or working, or a retired person. To survive and thrive in this competitive world one must have to find ways to keep calm and stay away from stress – stress is not the solution for the person who desires success in life.

Agree- stress is the normal part of life. That’s fine but excess of stress affect general well-being and take away the peace of life. Stress kills the confidence, creativity, happiness of the person also lends him with negativity. Cut stress for success and productivity before it ruins life peace.

Keep calm. Have positive self-talk for positive thoughts to beat stress before it beats you. Enjoy each and every moment of life while working, eating, traveling, and talking with loved ones. Anything you do just enjoy it. That’s the best way in which you can pay to your life.

Andrew J. Bernstein said:-

“Remember that stress doesn’t come from what’s going on in your life. It comes from your thoughts about what’s going on in your life.”

Few ways mentioned below to keep calm and stay away from stress:-

Find the roots of stress:

Try to find out the things which cause stress that is the most crucial step to eliminate stress. Take a while and think what thing make you feel stress out? Now you got the answer? – Right

See the reason behind anxiety and stress is valid. Start working in terms of eliminating the root.

Plan the day:

Decide in advance for the day to save self from disaster.

Stop trying to control things:

You are not the creator of the Planet. You cannot control the things. So simply accept the things if they are not in your favor. You will find nothing with anxiety.

Wayne Dyer Said:-

“You can’t always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside”.

Cut negative people from life:

Cut the negative people from life who make you feel bad about yourself because you know better than others that who you are?

Keep Calm and No Stress
Keep Calm and No Stress

No Multi-tasking:

What does it mean for you? To do multiple tasks at one time. Right- because it seems productive. But it is suggested to do the single task at one time to keep self away from stress. The reason for this- You are not able to focus on all tasks at one time which causes anxiety and stress.


Exercise helps to relieve stress. If you won’t believe, Just try- you will see results by yourself. Another- start mediation. It is the best way to reduce stress.

Eat and sleep well:

Do not skip meals. Include healthy diet and sleep well to fight with next day battle.

Listen to soothing music:

Listen to soothing music to change the focus of mind leads to lower down the stress level. Create a list of the playlist with different melodies and singers to boost self with energy and positivity.

Laugh, Trust yourself and enjoy every moment of Life:

Be grateful for what you have. Cancel out negativity, laugh, trust yourself and enjoy every moment of the life. That really matters.

Now from onwards whenever feel stressed- Keep calm and stay away from stress by creating a list cause stress and eliminate the things which you can’t control. People travel around the world to free self from stress and to find happiness and peace however they forget the thing that they can’t find Happiness unless until they make the efforts on the grounds, for the reason that the person by himself responsible for his own happiness.