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emerald gemstone
By AMANDA MILLS 1,936 views

7 Things to Remember Before Wearing an Emerald Gemstone 2023

For centuries Emerald has been considered one of the most valuable and rarest gems, which has earned its place in history. The emerald is also known as “precious stone” and “green beryl”. It is said that wearing this beautiful ring can increase the positive energy and fortune in your life.

Emerald is the birthstone of May, and it’s also the stone of spring. Emerald gemstones are also known for their healing properties. The green emerald loose gemstones are remarkably beautiful with their intense green color. Wearing Emerald Gemstone rings is a great way to increase the positive energy and fortune in your life. The green emerald gemstone is remarkably beautiful with its intense green color.

However, there are certain things you should keep in mind to get the best out of your favorite emerald ring to ensure you gain all desired benefits from wearing this beautiful gemstone, listed below.

7 Things to Remember Before Wearing an Emerald Gemstone

1. Pick the Right Stone

Make sure that you pick the right stone for yourself because size does matter. The reason behind choosing an Emerald ring is its ability to improve your health and spirituality, so it’s very important for you to get hold of good quality and reasonably sized one that fits on your finger comfortably as well as aesthetically! There are many types of emerald gemstones, and not all of them are the same. In fact, there’s a big difference between natural and synthetic stones. Natural emeralds are mined from the ground while synthetic ones are made in a lab.

2. Clean Your Ring Often

Clean your emerald gemstone ring often. Use a soft cloth to clean the ring and warm water with mild soap to remove dirt, oil, or other substances that may have accumulated on it. Dry your emerald gemstone ring with a soft cloth afterward so that it looks shiny and new once again! If the emerald gemstone is too dirty, you can use a soft toothbrush to gently sweep away dirt particles from its surface but be sure not to use too much force while doing this otherwise you might scratch the stone’s surface or cause damage to its color!

3. Find Out if Your Emerald is Real or Fake

You must be wondering how to determine if the emerald is real or fake. Well, here are some things you can look for. Real Emeralds are expensive and cannot be found easily. They are also rare and have a lot of color in them. On the other hand, fake Emeralds are cheap and easy to find these days as they have become common among people due to their wide availability at cheap prices.

4. Learn How to Identify Real Emeralds from Fake Ones

If you are getting a real emerald gemstone, first use a loupe to check it thoroughly. Check the color of the stone and assess whether it is natural or artificial. You can also check if there are any foreign particles present in the stone which may not be there if it were completely pure.

Secondly, examine how well-cut is your emerald gemstone. A poorly cut stone will have an uneven surface and won’t sparkle as much as a well-cut one would. It should also have some sort of symmetry because this means that all sides of the stone are exactly identical, so no part appears better than another due to its shape and size ratios being unevenly balanced out like with other stones such as Polki diamonds for example (which tend to cost more than emeralds due to their rarity).

Thirdly, inspect how clear your emerald gemstone is. If there aren’t any visible flaws on its surface then chances are high that you might be looking at something fake instead.

5. Keep it Safe

You must keep it safe in a wooden box or a pouch and make sure that the gemstone does not come into contact with water and other chemicals. Avoid wearing emerald gemstones in the rainy season as well.

If you want to wear the emerald gemstone for sports activities like yoga or running then make sure to remove it before starting such an activity so that your gemstone doesn’t get damaged due to sweat or any other reason. It’s also advisable not to take your jewelry during sleeping time because there is always a chance of getting scratches on the surface of these stones while taking off/putting them on again which could ruin their beauty completely.

6. Wear it at the Right Time

When you wear an emerald gemstone, it is important to keep in mind the time of day and season. This is because the emerald stone has different properties at different times of the year. In winter, it helps boost your immune system against infections and colds while providing relief from joint pains. However, during spring or summer, emeralds will help increase metabolism in your body while reducing anxiety levels. To make sure you get maximum benefits from wearing this gemstone, wear it at the right time as per your need!

7. Try it On and Wear it Often, But Be Careful!

You can wear your emerald gemstone ring when you go out or to parties, but remember that it is a gemstone and not metal. Therefore, while wearing it you should take care of the following things:

  1. Do not wear the ring if you have sensitive skin.
  2. Do not wear the ring in water because it may get damaged due to excessive moisture exposure.
  3. Avoid wearing it when doing physical work as it may get chipped or fractured due to pressure exerted on the stone by heavy objects such as hammers etc.

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End Note

So now you know how to choose the right emerald gemstone and how to wear it safely. Emerald is a very beautiful stone with lots of properties, but keep in mind that its powers are not limited by your imagination. It can help you in many ways if used properly and with caution.

Amanda Mills

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