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Website Design
By ADAM MILNE 1,694 views

How Website Design Affects User Experience

Website designing is a very important part of the website. Generally, typography, color, font, etc. constitutes the design of the website. A web design can have an effect on the visitor’s mind positively or negatively about the website. A good design may encourage him to stay more time on the website and visit other pages whereas a bad design may prompt him to leave that website. Today we will discuss how website design affects user experience, elements that constitute web designing, and how Thezoomit can help you to design your website beautifully.

Elements that constitute web designing and how it affects web designing–

There are many elements that constitute successful web designing. Today we will discuss some of the elements that constitute web design so that our readers can know more about web designing.


Color is an essential element of web designing. A successful combination of colors on a web page attracts visitors. On the other hand, using too many colors on a web page may give the visitor a bad impression of the website.

Colors are also used to identify special features of the website. For instance, an e-commerce website generally has the button like “Order Now”, “ “Shop Now” on a different color so that the visitor can identify the button easily and make his order on that e-commerce website.

Likewise, a blog site or newspaper will also want its visitors to subscribe to their website. So, the subscription button for this type of website will have a different color from the rest of the page.

If the visitor of the e-commerce website doesn’t identify the button of “Shop Now” or “Order Now” or the visitor of a news portal website doesn’t find the “Subscribe Now” button for their website, it will definitely affect his experience towards the website badly. That’s why color as an element of design is so much important for the visitor of the website.

User- Friendly

Another important thing to consider while designing the website is that it should be user-friendly. The website should be such that the customer may find it very easy to use different functions of the website.

For instance, an e-commerce website should have kept the options for the customers that they can easily see different types of products based on their category on the website. If the customer feels irritated and doesn’t find the product easily, he may not visit the website for the second time.

User-friendly websites had a higher conversion rate compared to non-user-friendly websites. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. had been so successful in their business and one simple reason for their success is user-friendliness.

Anyone who had logged into the website of Facebook, Instagram can find their friends and family, see their posts, chat and make calls with them so easily. If Facebook or Instagram had not been so much user-friendly, it would not have been so much popular.


Font also plays an important in designing the website. While choosing the font of the website, the web designer must keep in mind that he should not choose any font that is very rare and people don’t use it often.

Font also should be different for different types of websites. For instance, a website that is dedicated for the learning of the children generally have a different font than the website that talks about serious politics matter.

Font size is also an important matter in the designing of the website. Some websites make the font size so much smaller and it becomes very harder for the visitors to read the contents of the website. On the other side, some website uses large font sizes and the reader also then feel irritated scrolling down the pages more often.

Some websites had come up with a unique solution regarding the font size of the website. They give the customer the choice of freedom the choose their font size. Having a font size that is difficult to read, gives a bad impression to the visitors.

Mobile Friendly

Another very important thing regarding the design of the website is that it should be mobile-friendly. People visit a website more on their mobile than they visit on a laptop or personal computer. So, a successful website should have a mobile-friendly design.

Some web design formats that are supported on a PC or laptop may not be supportive to the mobile. That’s why when designing a website, expert web designers chose a mobile-friendly or tab-friendly design.

We often face this problem while visiting some website via our mobile and find out that either the page is loading very slowly or all the features of the websites are not coming on the mobile. This gives us a negative impression of the website and doesn’t encourage us to visit the website furthermore. So, mobile-friendly web design is very much important for a good user experience.

Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is another important factor. Sometimes, a website uses so many functions for the designing of the website that the speed of the website goes down.

While the speed of the website goes down, the user had a very bad experience. The web pages take a lot of time to be loaded and it wastes the precious time of the visitors of the website. The user feels irritated by this slowing down of the websites.

So, a good web designer should also ensure that while using functions for the website, the speed of the website should not go down.


Navigation is also an important element of web design. The user of the website should be able to access the menu of the website from any web page of the website.

The web designer may use methods like maps or menu bar so that the user would be able to navigate through the website easily. If the user was unable to access the website’s different parts, it will definitely affect the user experience badly. That’s why navigation is very important for a better design of the website.

So, we had learned about some of the elements of web designing. We had also discussed the consequences of the web design is not good and how badly it can affect the user experience.

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