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There’s nothing worse than a boring website. It is a representation/face of any brand or business. A website defines what the brand stands for, and the content and design of any site speaks volumes about that particular venture. 

A boring website is a big NO for visitors. It should be such that the visitors feel the need to stay, explore, share, engage, and ultimately make their purchases. 

We understand the significance of having a website that is not only well designed but also engaging and user-friendly. 

We have listed below a few points using which you can easily create a website that is engaging and holds the attention of your visitors. 

So Let’s get started! 

Top Tips To Make The Website Engaging 

#1 Simplicity Is Beautiful 

People often tend to ignore this point, but a simple website is beautiful and easy to use. Your visitors do not want to see complicated websites. A simple, well-designed, and user-friendly website is all that they are looking for. Hence, it is mandatory to keep this point in mind. Whenever you design a website, make sure to keep it simple and classy instead of loud and over the top. 

#2 Choose Colours Wisely 

Take a moment to understand the human psyche. Colors have the power to make people feel a certain way. You must have heard of color psychology before too. There is a reason why most social media platforms have Blue as the primary color since it is relaxing and calming. 

Too many overwhelming colors can instantly annoy the user and prevent engagement on the site. You can take the logo of your company as the inspiration for the colors on the site. 

Don’t clash too many colors, and avoid using bright colors. 

#3 Embed Social Media Content On Your Website

Another brilliant way to increase website engagement is by embedding your social media feed on your website. This makes the site more attractive as well as appealing and increases the dwell time of your users on the website. 

Embedding social media content on the site drastically increases user engagement, brand presence, and visibility and gradually increases your conversions and sales. 

#4 Easy To Read Content

When we talk about readability, we mean Fonts! It’s all about the fonts you use, and you need to select them wisely. Simple fonts like Ariel or Roberto are readable and give an easy reading experience to your visitors. The second thing to remember is, be careful with the font size that you select. A font size of 16 should be the minimum for a site since a smaller font will be difficult to read and understand. 

Make sure to check the font on various devices before making the website live. 

#5 Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly 

To increase user engagement, make sure to design a version for the mobile too. Researchers say that 70% of people spend their internet browsing time on their mobile devices. Users are 51% less likely to connect to a brand due to a poorly designed mobile design. 

#6 Make Your Content Engaging 

Whenever you design a website, make sure that your content is engaging, crisp, and not boring. Scanning through your website should not be a punishment for your users. Avoid using lengthy lines and create relevant section headers. You can also use bullets and numbers to break down the long lines and make it interesting. 

The overall tone of your site content must be engaging, friendly, and conversational. 

Additionally, including your keywords in the header section will make you rank easier in the search results. 

#7 Use Images & Visuals 

It is a known fact that people connect and understand visuals much faster than written text. You can make use of infographics and images to explain your examples and statistics. 

Just make sure that the visuals you are using must be regarding your site and its content. Using multimedia just for the heck will not help you and your brand in any way. 

#8 Make Your Website User Friendly 

Giving your users clear navigation on the website is necessary. Having a clear and structured hierarchy of the website improves the overall look of the site. 

This way, the users can understand where to head next, thus increasing their engagement level with the website. 

#9 Easy To Find Contact Details 

Your contact details should be easily accessible on your site. You must either include it in the Contact Us section of the navigation bar, or you could place it in the footer section of the website like most sites do. 

Quickly accessible contact details instantly increase user engagement levels. On the other side, if the contact details are not easily accessible, it may confuse the customer and leave the site. 

Wrapping It Up

All brands or businesses must create a website that is relevant, interesting, and user-friendly. Creating such a site will increase the visitor time of your visitors on the site. 

A classy and easy-to-use website drastically improves user engagement, brand image, brand trust, and gradually your conversions and sales. 

Engaging your visitors can be quite a task, but you will surely see positive results and notice a gradual increase in your site traffic and performance using the above tips. 

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