How to Create Compelling SEO Friendly, Plagiarism Free Content

If you want to create content that is best for search engine optimization, then you have landed on the right page. In this guide, we will provide you with the most useful tips using which you can create engaging content for your website. We will also tell you about the best digital tool which will help you get rid of plagiarized or duplicate content for free. If you are eager to see your website or page on the top of SERPs, then you should start reading this content.

Use headlines and subheadings in your content

The first tip that would help you improve SEO is that you must add attractive headlines and subheads in the content that you are creating. The key to attract and engage users on the web is by skimming your content into small divisions. You must know that people always tend to read and share the content, which is easy to understand and looks clear on the website. Not only people but also search engines will always rank your site if you have a proper structure with headings and subheadings. When the search engine is crawling for the index, it recognizes your headings. This increases the chances of your website to get ranked on the top shelves.

Add Links to your Content

Another important ranking factor of Google and other search engines is by checking the number and quality of backlinks available on the website or the ones that it is getting from other sites. If your website has credible content, then it means that you would get high-authority links. If you get connected with a credible website, then you can increase the amount of organic traffic by more than 60%. Backlinks would help not only the search engines but also the people to find your articles via other websites.

Optimize your word count

Gone are the days where you used to see thousands of words written under one blog. Today users do not have much time to invest in reading this much content. This is why today, you have to optimize your word count perfectly. The full-length articles that you will find today are 1500 words. Writing long articles does not mean that you can start creating blogs that consist of 200 to 300 words. You have to set the word count according to the topic you are writing on.

Choose your keywords very wisely 

Keywords are an important aspect of a positive SEO score. If you want to make your website visible to your target market and the search engine, then you have to choose the keywords very wisely. You can use the online keyword finder tools for hunting keywords that are most relevant to your content. Relevancy and high authority are the two key aspects that you have to look out for a while finding keywords. If you are not adding popular keywords in your article, then it would look spammy.

Add images 

Adding images in your content is very much important if you want to get to a good position on the search engine. Images are more interesting because they have a better appeal than text. You must know that adding relevant images to your text is the best way to capture and engage a large chunk of the audience. Furthermore, a search engine will also index a website that is visually more attractive. You can use reverse image search services to get the best photos for your content.

Remove plagiarism if there is any

When you are writing content, you have to make sure that it is unique at the time of publishing. If you are not copying content and creating your work, then it does not mean that it cannot have plagiarism in it. Today you have to save yourself from all sorts of plagiarism including accidental ones. You can use online plagiarism checker tools to screen out all the duplicate content before you publish it on your website!

Use an article spinner tool!

If you want to create good quality content in a short amount of time, then you should use an online paraphrasing tool. Rewriter tools can help you create fresh articles based on duplicate content. You can use an online sentence rephraser like to create new content. Suppose you want to create content but you have a shortage of time. In that case, this free paraphrasing tool is considered to be best for this purpose.

The rewriteguru paraphrasing tool has three different options using which you can easily spin your input content into a new one. The smart spin feature of this sentence rephrases tool can help you create unique, readable, convenient, and efficient content for search engine optimization. By using the manual spinning mode of this rewriter tool, you can easily add keywords and links to the articles. 

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