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Achieve a chiseled six-pack With Joseph Minetto
By JOSEPHMINETTO 2,209 views

Achieve a Chiseled six-pack with Joseph Minetto

Everyone wants a chiseled core. The kind that stands out when they take off their shirt while retaining stability and strength at all times. And if you are unable to build your abs, don’t assume it’s because you are not using a supplement or partaking in some magical exercise. Building a chiseled core takes a long process and it requires commitment, persistence, time, and most importantly hard work. “Taking the right step every day helps you carve out your desired six-pack but you might never achieve your goal if you deviate from your plan a few times a week”, says Joseph Minetto.

Exercising regularly with the right approach and eating the right diet is a powerful tool that helps achieve your abs. It is important to also build your muscle and strength as it increases your core strength. Trimming your fat by participating in a strength training exercise, pushing your heart rate high, and many more will also help your overall health while carving your abs.

The combination of many exercises helps to achieve and maintain a six-pack and they don’t have to be repetitive. Each exercise has a role to play when building your abs. It is also important to rest in between each routine and eats healthy. Read on as Joseph Minetto, an expert in technology and fitness freak who has also dedicated himself to live an active lifestyle takes us through how to achieve a chiseled six-pack.

Start with  plank

Start with a push-up by rounding your upper away from the ground, raise your hips slightly, and lift your feet towards the direction of your hands. This will improve your core bracing and help you achieve your transverse abdominis. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and repeat it for four-set.

Workout your lower abs

This can be achieved by raising your leg while your upper body is stable this exercise helps to reduce your rectus abdominis from the lower end. You can try different exercises such as mountain climbers, captain’s chair leg raises, and many many to achieve your lower abs.

Try weighted crutches

Weighted crutches help to create tight abs and produce stronger cores. Start by lying down, then hold a weight plate across your chest with both hands. If it is too difficult for you as a beginner, you can start without using the weight plate. Breath in and brace your abs while raising and lowering your torso. It is important to maintain tension in your upper abs and do not allow your upper body to have contact with the ground throughout the exercise.

Be hydrated

Staying without drinking water for many hours can lead to dehydration which is not good for the body. “Start your day with at least six glasses of water as it helps boost your metabolism and accelerate your muscle cell growth,” says Joseph Minetto The goal is to stay hydrated all day therefore, drink a few glasses of water throughout the day. And while exercising make sure you are hydrated.

 Focus on your upper abs

Your upper abs can be perfectly carved by stabilizing your lower torso while drawing your upper body towards the lower torso. Also, try to reduce the distance between your pelvis and ribcage while exercising. Exercises such as machine crunches, Seated Russian twist, decline-bench crunches, hanging leg raise, bicycle crunches, Rope cable crunches, and many more are very effective.

Master modified vsit exercise

A modified v-sit exercise helps to build your core strength and form your abs. This is done by laying on the ground or a gym mat with your legs and arms slightly raised from the floor. Also, your arms and back must maintain a controlled motion during the exercise. And if you find it challenging, slightly bend your knees a little bit instead of keeping them.


Joseph Minetto lives in the Township of Washington, NJ. He is an avid health enthusiast and gym fanatic, having dedicated himself to an active lifestyle as a father of two young children.