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By ANKITA SHARMA 785 views

Great Website Designs – Tried and Tested Ways to Drive Results

A lasting impression about your brand is created on the impressionable mind of your consumer on his very first visit to your website. The design of your website created by a website designing company in India is largely responsible for the positive or negative image that gets created at that point in time. This impression is created even before your prospective consumer has had a chance to give the product or service a trial shot. If he does not like a website, there is very little chance that he will ever try the associated product. Here are a few tried and tested ways to create great website designs.

Make It Appealing

Since the website is the first point of contact between you and your consumers, it is important that the web development company in Noida makes it appealing and friendly for the consumer to make him feel compelled to spend some more time browsing the various sections of the site. It should be able to generate enough trust in the minds of the consumers to get them to convert. In the end, it is all about conversion.

A conversion funnel essentially measures how many consumers have gone past the various stages of browsing for every conversion. The ultimate success would be when the shape of the funnel transforms to become cylindrical i.e. all the visitors to the website go all the way to the last stage of checkout.

The Menus and Navigation

Browsing is the first stage of conversion. If the visitor has liked the aesthetics of the website, he decides to look around to see what is on offer and would like to look for various information. It is important that the consumer is able to navigate through the various sections of the website comfortably and make use of the menus to do so. The organisation of the menus should make it easier for him and not complicated.

Product Information

The important information about the products and services should be easily accessible to the consumer. Unless this information is available, you cannot expect the consumer to consider purchasing, especially if he is a first-time buyer. Even a repeat buyer can be lost due to a lack of information. The detailed product information helps in making better decisions and he can weigh the pros and cons just as he would in a physical store. As far as services are concerned, the maximum possible details with relevant contact details would be helpful.


How a website takes the consumer through the journey from just browsing to actually buying is what makes it effective. As the consumers browse through, the website should be able to encourage them to take some mutually beneficial actions. This is achieved through strategically placed attractive CTA buttons, which encourage the consumer to buy/download, subscribe, contact, register or maybe search for something. All these actions take the consumer a step closer to associating with your business.


As this association happens, they start looking for something to support their confidence and if they can find the testimonials and reviews from your existing consumers, the association becomes stronger. Positive reviews and responses to negative feedbacks from clients tell them a lot about how you work and how much he can trust you.


Only after the consumer is convinced about the product/service offered will he move to the next stage. This is the most important stage and the consumers must receive clear instructions and not some complicated jargon to confuse them.

If for some reason, the journey remains incomplete, there should be a provision to help you understand the cause through a feedback form. The feedback must also be collected from those who do complete the journey. This CTA is one of the most important to understand what you can improve to give the consumers a better experience. Simplicity, great use of space and fantastic, original content are some of the aspects that can enhance the consumers’ journey too. How these can be best used should be left for your website designing company in Noida.

Ankita Sharma