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By BRANDLYTK 1,224 views

Top Word Press Maintenance Tips to Run your Website Smoothly with Brandlytk

Choosing a WordPress platform is one of the good steps when we wish to go for content management and yes keeping SEO aspect in mind. but like a well-oiled machine for smooth performance, a WordPress website also needs some maintenance for smooth running.

 If you are having your WordPress website and looking for its maintenance, then you are in right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss some top tips to maintain your WordPress website. Scroll down the page to read all the tips.

  1. Update your WordPress regularly: To take advantage of pretty cool new features, update your WordPress website regularly. Security of any website is the first concern of everybody. WordPress updation also provides a security feature to the users.
  2. Take a backup of your website regularly: Work smartly and don’t avoid any unexpected thing which can affect your business. Make a habit of regular backup of your website. To take the backup of your website, you can install the plugins.
  3. Deactivate unused plugin: Unused plugin may cause slow speed and many other causes for your website. To enhance the speed of your website deactivates unused plugins from your website.
  4. Test your form: If you are using a contact form like contact form 7 etc. check their functionality after any kind of updation. You can send dummy emails to yourself to check it’s working. Many times some changes in WordPress theme or plugin effects the working of these contact forms, which can cause a big loss in your business.
  1. On-page SEO: Make sure that your website is indexed in the search engine. For that purpose, Yoast, a free WordPress plugin can be used. This plugin is the first choice for doing on-page SEO of a WordPress website.
  1. Deal with broken links: broken links are responsible for the negative impression on your website. They are the main cause to increase the bounce rate of your website. If you are facing the bounce rate problem, then fix the broken links of your website. To deal with broken links you can use the WordPress plugin. Which are easy to use? Fix the broken links of your website and see the improved performance of your website.
  2. Update theme and plugin: To receive the benefit of the maximum performance of your WordPress website, make sure your theme and plugins are updated. Many themes launch new features to their existing themes. Until you will not update your theme, you can’t access these new features. It takes very little time to update the theme and plugin. If you have not updated your theme and plugins, then hurry up!! And evaluate the performance of your WordPress website.
  3. Clean your database: In starting, when we install WordPress your database is neat and clean. But as we start working on it, spam comments, post revisions make it sluggish. To clean your database you can use the WordPress plugin. Wp-sweep is one of the popular plugins which is used for cleaning database.

Final thought: 

In this blog, we tried to give you top tips to maintain your WordPress website. Follow these simple tips step by step. These steps are very easy to implement, even if you are a newbie in WordPress. But still, if you find any difficulty then you can take the help of the Brandlytk WordPress expert team. We will feel happy to help you.


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