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By JOE MAILLET 386 views

Wedding During the Ongoing Corona Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected most of our lives. One thing, which has been affected significantly by this pandemic is the allowance of assembly or any large gatherings in any place. So, naturally, marriages also have been adversely affected. Now, because of the social distancing norms, the state and the government has laid down strict limit on the maximum permitted attendees at the wedding.

Now, the big question is tossed to both the bride and the groom. It is them who needs to decide how and what they can do to ensure that the marriage takes place without compromising on anyone’s health, and still have all the fun.

So, is it possible to adhere to the social distancing norms without hampering the fun and enjoyment? The entire thing depends on the kind of food, drinks, and entertainment that you will incorporate in the wedding to make the most of it? Despite the low number of attendees, you can still make it feel close-knit and intimate. It can follow only if you do enough to cater to the safety of the guests. Through all this, the masks and the sanitizer should still seem like it was always supposed to be the part of the wedding, and very much in vogue.

See, there are a bunch of things you can do to adapt to this pandemic, and still plan your wedding. Honestly, let us face it, it may not turn out to be the way you may dream of all this while, but incorporating a little creativity and imagination can turn around the things in your favour, and make your wedding look gram-worthy.

Now, a big perk you have through all this is that the guest list is shorter. It means that there sure is more budget for you to splurge on the other aspects of the wedding. This also implies that there is a lot more than can be done with factors, such as entertainment, decoration, bar, and of course, the food.

Now, let us get started and take you through some helpful ideas that can help you make the day feel safer to your guests.

Have some stylish stations for guest’s hand sanitizing

There are a bunch of things that can be done for ensuring that the guests in your wedding feel safe. The number one priority is to ensure that their health is not compromised. The guests will be picking up glasses, opening different doors, shaking hands with each other, and touching the seats and chairs. According to TFTH, a website that offers engineering assignment help to students, an ideal way to curtail the spread of germs is having bunch of sanitizer stations installed at your marriage venue.

Offer them custom masks

Your wedding is not happening under normal circumstances. When the situation is so unique, why not incorporate its uniqueness in your wedding? An important way to escape the COVID virus is by wearing masks. So, why not create customized masks that will work as the perfect memorabilia for the guests who attended your wedding.

‘As we love personalized things, we created masks, which had our names printed on them along with the wedding date,’ comments Anushka, an online chemistry tutor.

We love Anushka’s idea, but there is an alternative way to do this too. Consider having customized masks made, which match with the wedding theme or the color or design of your own wedding dresses.

Opt for an unplugged marriage

A good way to maintain the safety of the guests in the wedding is to go with the idea of the unplugged wedding. Now, see, for a lot of people weddings are an event to doll up and click pictures. People usually use their phone to take pictures. For the pictures to be taken, the guests will have to give their phone to someone, and then they will give back the phone to you to check, and that can lead to the bacteria’s spread. So, what can you do in this regard? A TAE educator who offers assignment help Perth services, recommends that you, as hosts, can hire a professional photographer who will not only take your pictures, but also the pictures of all the attendees in the wedding.

Livestream the entire events of your wedding

As you are now going for a shorter guest list, why not arrange a live stream for people who cannot attend the wedding? See, more than anyone, the elderly are at the maximum risk. So, take the digital approach, and have them follow your wedding from an online platform. You can record a personalized message or send out a box of chocolates with maybe a bottle of wine to their homes. Don’t forget to include details and the steps to watch the live stream of your wedding.

Work on the seating arrangement to maintain social distancing

An important aspect of preventing the spread of the virus is by keeping a distance from other people. You may not know who around you have the virus. So, the ideal way to avoid getting infected is by ensuring that your guests maintain social distancing. The ideal seating arrangement would be circular or maybe a semi-circular seating arrangement. Make sure that there is adequate distance between the guests both around the center and the edge. We just had a wedding during the pandemic, and so we made the people from one household (that is 3 our 4 members) seated across the circle, and one couple in the circle’s center, states Genelia, who recently got married to her long-time beau. Well, this is indeed a great idea and will give pleasant views to all the guests.

Explore your options

There are several different wedding options that can be tried out to keep the fun and enjoyment intact, and still ensure the guest’s safety. Some of the wise choices are – Minimony, Micro Wedding, Sequel Wedding, Multi-Day Wedding, And Shift Wedding. Read more about each of them to make a wise pick.

Joe Maillet

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