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Wedding Ring
By TYLER SINKS 372 views

Wedding Ring Styles – 5 Trendy Designs

Every love story deserves a wedding ring that is as unique as the bond of love. Keeping that in mind, we have created a list of rings that define love like nothing else does. The designs of these rings are based on the trends for wedding rings in 2024. In addition, each of these rings will also satiate your fashion jewelry goals. The list encompasses basic and dramatic styles that offer a distinct look. If you are looking for a design for your special jewel, do not miss out on these pieces. Read the article in its entirety to get a wedding ring without hurting your pocketbook.

Antique Wedding Ring

Antique rings are making a comeback in 2024. These rings are gaining ground because of their charming designs of the bygone era. If you would like to add a touch of nostalgia to your emblem of love, you can check out some antique emerald solitaire rings. The lure of these rings lies in their intricate bands and unique cuts. To make the most of the dramatic design of an antique wedding ring, set it in white gold.

The sheen and glamor of white gold will best complement the appeal of the design. However, if you have a warm skin tone, choosing yellow gold for your ring will be your best bet. The warmth of the golden hues of your ring will add to its elegance profoundly. Choose an antique wedding ring if you’re a lover of this design!

Floral Wedding Ring

We have always been naturally drawn to jewelry pieces featuring earthy tones and floral designs. These types of jewelry pieces are also ultra-feminine. That’s the reason why you should pick a floral emerald-cut aquamarine ring for yourself. The timeless elegance and soothing aura of your aquamarine wedding ring will best express your calming love. In addition, the exquisite design of your aquamarine jewelry piece will also accentuate your radiant smile on your big day.

This type of wedding ring will look more than great in rose gold. The soft and romantic hues of rose gold will uplift the beauty of the floral design. As regards the cut of your ring, the emerald cut will do justice to your ring. Something is fascinating about the emerald cut that makes it perfect for all types of gemstones, especially aquamarine.

Three Stone Ring

Three-stone sapphire rings are in fashion. Sapphire has always been a popular choice for romantic jewelry pieces. It is a hard and durable gemstone with celestial hues that take everyone’s breath away. What will enhance the lure of your sapphire ring will be its three-stone design. The three-stone design is an excellent option for wedding and engagement rings. Three stone rings symbolize the past, present, and future of a love story, making them the first choice of modern brides.

You can either choose a diamond or a color gemstone as side stones for your wedding ring. If you want your ring to exude radiance, go for diamond side stones. On the other hand, if you want more of a modern look, you can pick ruby side stones. Set your three stone rings in platinum for a sophisticated look.

Diamond Halo Ring

Diamond halo hessonite garnet rings are the new black. These rings make you stand out with their scintillating diamonds that surround a fiery stunner: hessonite garnet gemstone. A hessonite garnet will be a distinct choice for your wedding rings. This gemstone is known for its deep orange/amber color which goes well with all types of metals and gemstones. Hessonite garnet gemstones are also famous for their incredible value. No doubt they are ruling the hearts of everyone in 2024.

The intense hues of hessonite garnet, when decorated with the scintillation of diamonds, create magic that lasts forever, just like your love. Choose a hessonite garnet ring and surround it with a halo of diamonds for a stellar, romantic look. Go for yellow gold for your special jewel because it will best bring out the deep hues of your center stone.

Ruby & Peridot Ring

If you want a passionate wedding ring, choose the one that features the rich red hues of ruby and the charm of peridot. Yes, we are talking about a two-stone ring featuring ruby and peridot gemstones. Ruby is a highly coveted gemstone when it comes to wedding rings. The red color of this gemstones has inspired and celebrated feelings of love and passion for centuries.

In addition, red and green are complementary colors, meaning you can never go wrong with this color combination. Moreover, the excellent color saturation of your peridot will help you turn heads wherever you go. Fashion this type of wedding ring in white gold to evenly highlight the pleasing colors of the two gemstones. To up the ante, you can choose a split shank for this ring.

Summing Up

From the lure of antique rings to the sophistication of two-stone rings, this list of 5 trendy wedding ring designs encompasses it all. Which of these designs have captured your imagination? Are you thinking of going with an over-the-three-stone ring or a diamond halo bobby-dazzler? Whichever of these stunners you choose to mark your love. That’s because of their powerful commitment to authenticity and attractive prices. So, get your favorite jewelry piece today!

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