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To ensure the security of your house or office, you do lots of things. Installing roller shutter is one of those things. Presently, it has become a popular choice among the homeowners. These are kind of shutters which are installed on the exterior of your windows or doors and you may raise them or lower according to your preferences. Apart from security purpose, there are several other reasons to install this type of shutters on your window. Roller shutters can be operated both manually and with the help of a remote control, with which the shutter can be maintained very well.

There are different types of roller shutters available at the market. Before knowing about the benefits, let’s have a look at the type of roller shutters-

Types of Roller Shutter:

  • Perforated Rolling Shutter– These are best for shops, showrooms, power generator rooms, etc. If you are looking for rolling shutter for commercial use, this one is perfect.
  • Manual Rolling Shutter– You need to operate it to close and open. But, that is quite easy. Presently, the modern technology is replacing this type of shutters faster.
  • Steel Rolling Shutter– These are effective for homes as well as for shops. These can be customized according to your choice. Steel does not get corroded very easily and it is also very easy to clean and maintain them.
  • Electric Shutters– As tubular motors are fitted with the rollers, this type of shutters can be operated through a switch or remote control.

These are certain common types of shutters. Modern technology is bringing a huge change in such appliances too.

Roller Shutters

Advantages of Roller Shutter:

  • Provides Protection from the Sun: The summer sun glazes brightly and almost burns you up if you keep the windows or doors open. Again, you can’t stay within an enclosed surrounding. Having roller shutter on the window will prevent heat coming inside. Usually, the foam filled shutters are best for this purpose as it prevents almost 70% of the heat coming inside on hot summer days while stops 60% of heat going out during the winter.
  • Reduces Noise Infiltration: Outside noise often creates a huge disturbance for the people inside the house. Especially, if you have kids, an aged person or sick people in your house, such noises are the only nuisance. Installing roller shutter keeps the noise outside and creates a peaceful ambiance inside your room. According to research, roller shutter is effective in reducing noise level up to 50%.
  • Protects Doors and Windows: Doors and windows are those parts of your house which get direct exposure to the weather change. Sometimes, heat damages the wood, while rain also creates disturbances. While you have roller shutter on your doors and windows, you can increase the life of them.
  •  Energy Efficient: As insulating the home is one of the main features of these shutters, they are quite energy efficient. Once you have roller shutter on your windows, it can keep the harsh heat outside of the house and you may not need to put on the AC. Similarly, you may not need to keep on the room heater going as you needed earlier.
  • Replace the Draperies: If you are looking for a cheaper option to get advantages, you can opt for roller shutters. Draperies are also quite effective, but those are expensive too.

These are certain benefits you can get from the roller shutters. These elements are quite versatile as they are available in a variety of styles. Get roller shutter for an enhance the look of your house and ensure additional protection to your house.

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  • Thanks for pointing out that rolling shutters can help in lessening the noises that come into my house. Since I have a night shift schedule even while working from home, I tend to sleep in until mid-afternoon during Saturdays. Being able to make sure that that sleep would be uninterrupted by noise would definitely be healthy for me.

  • I have a friend who gets distracted at home recently because of unwanted noise. I like your suggestion of using rolling shutters since it can help isolate noises from his home office. I’ll be sure to recommend this to him as soon as we meet again.

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