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What To Look for When You Buy A New House

Buying a home is a roller coaster ride full of stress, anxiety, happiness, and fun. Do you think spending 20 minutes in viewing a property that is soon to be a home is sufficient? According to the real estate developer Alister Toma, it takes much to consider before choosing a new home to live for many years.

Let’s explore a few things you must consider while searching for a new home.

  1. Check out if the roof in need of repair

Before you enter the home, inspect the rooftop. Find out if the roof is relatively new or is it caving in? If the roof is not in good condition, chances are it could end up costing you.


On the other hand, a newer roof can make a lower homeowners insurance rate possible. Remember, a roof made of durable material is better prepared to protect against wind and hail. Also, it is helpful in saving you from a potential claim.

  1. Don’t judge a room by its painted walls

When you step inside your soon-to-be home, do not get impressed with painted walls or upscale décor, give attention to the structural stuff like old appliances, loose wires, as well.

Painted Walls

  1. Consider your priorities

Apart from the basics, including countertops, and quality windows, consider the requirements for your lifestyle and do not forget the purpose of your home, for example, a big backyard for barbecuing.

It can also be smart to add an extra bedroom if you’re planning on kids. And in case anyone in your family is a night owl while you do not like to sacrifice your sleep, considering a house with an entertainment area set far away from the master bedroom will be a good idea.

  1. Plumbing: what lies underneath the sink?

When you’re digging around a kitchen of your soon to be home, don’t stop at eye level — you need to examine those pipes and what lies beneath the sink. Also, make sure you have investigated all leaks, mold, and water damage.

Not only is mold unpleasant and foul-smelling, but it can also bring many health problems to your home. If you have a baby, an elderly person, or someone with asthma at home, you need to be cautious before moving in with mold.

  1. Consider a well-insulated house

Above everything else, your home should offer you comfort and peace. Check the roof space, water pipes, and heating tubes to make sure they’re correctly insulated. It will help in reducing the cooling and heating costs and keep you comfortable in all season.

  1. Have a home examination done

Who doesn’t need a perfect home? Everyone of course. You must take help a professional who will ensure you that the groundwork is strong and the wiring is up to code.

According to the expert real estate developer Alister Toma, you will find almost every house with one or more defects. Some defects will look obvious to you, and the majority will be easy to fix, but it’s still necessary for you to know before you buy.

Final Words

So, do consider these tips before choosing a home to live for many years. And finally, the day you will find your dream home, you will understand what it takes to make a home a paradise.

Alister Toma Real Estate Developer

Over the course of his career, Alister Toma has overseen many land and property projects, taking charge of everything from acquisition to asset holding to contracting to property management and more. He has developed and sharpened his skills into a fine point, making him uniquely capable at devising winning business strategies and serving his clients.