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How to write a plot twist
By UMESH KUMAR 1,649 views

What makes a Good Plot?

Real estate business has become quite lucrative today due to the value of money on land even with the very high initial investments required. Purchase of land for different purposes calls for diverse things to keenly look out for. Factors considered while buying land for future resale differs from factors considered when buying land for farming or house construction. Though all in all, for any chosen land purpose, there are baseline qualities of any piece of land that brand it favorable for purpose.

Real estate companies purchase huge chunks of land and further subdivide it into smaller krundid harjumaal to accommodate the different purchase needs for the locals. A piece of land is price tagged according to its size, strategic location, developments on it, resale value, and ownership among other reasons. Here are some reasons that rate a piece of land of as good enough.


The price tag of the plot usually sets the pace in the purchase process of land.  Affordability in this context means that the price quoted is fair enough given the location, developments of the land, services around the land and other attributes. Also, the room for further negotiation on the quoted price makes the land affordable. Once the price seems fair enough to the buyer, chances are high, they will go on to purchase the piece of land.

Strategic location

This is another major concern buyers consider in the hunt for pieces of land. Depending on the reason for purchase, buyers always consider the strategic location in parallel with the price tag of the land. In the case of house construction; good neighborhood, the proximity of basic services, the transport system help a great deal in the purchase decision for the buyer. Taking another instance of land for farming, buyers look out for enough water and other materials supply and transportation. If the plot of land is near basic services and found on a good transport network, is considered a good land for grabs.

High re-sale value

The world over, the land has good returns over time because of its high rate of appreciation. When a plot of land is situated in an area with high demand and growth, it definitely comes with very high resale value. This is a very element for a good plot of land, such that it makes it so easy for a buyer to sell off the land with some good profits on it. Here is when buying land for longtime purposes is more beneficial.

Clear Documentation

Land that if free from any problematic issues mark it as good land. Land authorities in your country provide systems for verification of land. In there, ownership and transparency of the land are verified. Good is not associated with any wrangles and has a free ownership hierarchy. Professional real estate companies guide buyers in the purchase and verification process as it can be overwhelming for a first-time buyer. Seek further legal opinion for further clearances.

Umesh Kumar

umesh is author at Allperfect Stories. The author's views are entirely his/her own and may not reflect the views and opinions of Allperfect Stories. Umesh is a Director of the strategy and social media manager. He has over 5 years experience in marketing at companies ranging in size from start-ups to a Fortune 50 company. He really enjoys writing about himself in the third person.