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By JAKES LESSOR 1,510 views

Which Braces Colors are Best for Boys?

When it comes to deciding on the best braces colors, there are many factors to consider, and the choices can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help you choose the right braces colors for your boys. Some factors to keep in mind are whether you want them to be discreet or noticeable and whether you want them to match their outfit on any given day or go with the color of their pants instead.

Neutral colors

You don’t have to worry about rocking a bright color if you go with neutral. After all, no one will know it’s your orthodontic appliance unless you tell them! The most common choices include a clear/white or tooth-colored option, as well as stainless steel. While these are still noticeable, most people won’t be able to place exactly what they’re seeing on your teeth—which is just fine if you’re looking for something that is subtle. You can also match your braces color to an element of your wardrobe that you wear frequently, like a scarf or watchband!

Blue braces

Maybe it’s time to ditch your old orthodontic retainer and upgrade to something stylish and colorful! In fact, some orthodontists have even seen an increase in patients opting for colored retainers or braces. For example, you can choose from a variety of funky colors like blue, green, red, purple, and yellow. If you’re looking for something discreet but fun, these colors are definitely worth considering. If a bolder color isn’t your thing but you still want something different than clear or white, an extra-thin colored wire is a great option.

Pink braces

Pink is one of those colors that has not only seen popularity in youth, but also in adults. Sometimes it’s used as a splash of color or an accent color, other times it’s paired with other colors to create a new combination altogether. The same is true with pink braces; they’re perfect for adding a pop of fun and excitement to any smile, whether you wear them during your teens or when you’re an adult. In fact, many adults wear pink braces today thanks to pastel trends such as lavender and mint green. So if you want something that will stand out against your teeth while brightening up your whole look at once, pink braces may be exactly what you need!

Teal Braces

Teal is a gorgeous color that’s great for many skin tones. Teal is also a pretty uncommon color, which makes it a great choice if you want to stand out in your crowd. It will probably feel like you have braces of many colors because few people will be wearing teal. While more adults than teens wear teal, adults might be too embarrassed to put on such an unusual color of braces — but there’s no reason you can’t! Just because most adults stick with clear or white brackets doesn’t mean you should follow suit. If you love teal and want it like your dental hardware, go ahead and enjoy it.

Red Braces

The color red is an energetic and youthful color, making it a great choice for boys. Red braces can be worn by anyone, regardless of skin tone or hair color. As with all colors, your overall look should be taken into consideration when wearing red. For example, if you have a red shirt and blue jeans on, pairing those with red braces could prove to be too much; instead, try other bold-colored clothing items such as sneakers or a bright belt. If you have darker skin tones and plan on wearing glasses with your Invisalign braces then go with a less colorful shade of glass such as brown or black. But if you don’t wear glasses often you might want to go ahead and stick with a lighter-colored frame like grey or silver.

Black Braces

A black set of braces really allows you to stand out from a crowd. However, black braces can be challenging to maintain. The colors can bleed when wet, resulting in brown stains on clothing and surfaces around you. Black braces also show more dirt than other colors, which is a downside if you’re particularly fastidious about your appearance. If you’re going to choose black braces, it’s best to wear light-colored clothing that will hide discoloration or dirt. Blackwork well with grey or tan outfits (like jeans) while black denim doesn’t blend as well with colored braces.

Purple Braces

Purple is another nice option, especially if you have a bold personality. If you’re going to go with purple, though, choose a darker shade—one that is closer to plum or eggplant than lavender. The lighter shades of purple often don’t look natural on teeth and tend to look feminine. That might be exactly what you want if you’re trying to impress potential girlfriends. But for most guys, masculinity means avoiding a feminine appearance at all costs; in other words, choosing anything more magenta than plum when it comes to braces colors isn’t recommended.

Grey Braces

As noted above, teeth colored in shades of grey will be most harmonious with your existing smile. The soft and neutral color is subtle and hard to detect as a device that’s meant to stand out. Plus, it goes well with all skin tones! However, if you prefer not to have braces at all, but do want a little extra smile help, ask your orthodontist about clear aligners or Invisalign invisible braces. Both options can give you noticeable results without having metal surrounding your mouth. With either option though, there’s always a risk of relapse—in other words, your teeth may shift back into their original position after you stop wearing them.

Jakes lessor

orthodontic braces : Some people resist smiling even at happy moments, or they cover their mouth with their hand just because of their crooked teeth.