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whiteboard animation video
By MACK CHRIS 679 views

7 Best Methods for Creating Awesome Whiteboard Animation Video

We all know it’s important to watch the marketing trends closely. However, compelling marketing content can be an essential part of your online and offline business. That is where the whiteboard animation video comes in. 

At first glance, the whiteboard animation looks simple. This is a hand-drawn animated illustration on a white canvas, isn’t it? Yes, ironically, that’s what makes it so appealing. 

This simple, animated explainer video makes it easy for our brains to understand and remember every piece of information, no matter how complex the subject is. But creating a whiteboard video that also has a good influence on your brand awareness takes a little spice. Unfortunately, this often takes the class of high-quality animation, engaging storylines, and powerful branding techniques. 

There are many ways to make a good whiteboard animated video. For example, you can hire a video animation service or hire a freelance video animator. Also, you can create whiteboard videos in any online app, and it’s not a daunting task. 

So how do you make an awesome whiteboard animation video that is clear and loud and reinforces your brand? This blog post will discuss the seven best ways to create awesome whiteboard animation videos. Let’s take a look! 

Tips To Create Awesome Whiteboard Animation Video

Sketching out your ideas. 

If you want to run your own business, you need good ideas to create your own animated video. To start this, you must consider the most important thing, and that is ‘research.’ 

Research your subject thoroughly and make unique ideas for your brand. Brainstorm and write it down on your favorite piece of paper. Share your thoughts with your companions. This helps fill in the gaps in the content. 

There are many ways to explain an idea, but brand storytelling is still the best way among others to discuss the content in the form of video. This can quickly grab the audience’s attention. It will help in enhancing your brand as well as your website ranking.

Create a script that echoes your brand message

Ask any animation video services provider, and they will tell you that a well-written script helps a lot in making a compelling marketing video. A good script not only conveys a clear message but also speaks directly to your targeted audience. 

You need to adjust your tone and wording so that your audience understands. Excessive use of technical wordings can cause make your viewers bored. So keep in mind that your video stories should be about your audience, not you. When people are able to relate to information in some way, they feel engaged in the story. So try to solve your customers’ problems and use your product or services only as a way to help them cater to any difficulties.

Design relevant characters

With great characters, any good story unfolds. If you plan to pin the client to the screen during the animation, first, you will need to create the character. Creating relevant characters helps keep the story complete. However, the exciting character remains in the impression of the client. You never know which part of the story can attract customers to your brand. So, everything you do matters. Even small features in the video contribute to the success of the animation.

Don’t use colors excessively

There are no absolute rules for using or omitting color in a whiteboard animation video. For the most part, however, these animated videos are simple black-and-white compositions. But if you want it to be more interactive and add some color, then adding shades is the best way to go. 

Don’t add too much color because the original crux of your video will be lost—however, subtle colors in a catchphrase or lettering work pop. Additionally, brand colors can help your business stand out in your videos and stand out from other video formats. So be smart and keep going!

Simplicity is the key

In this digital era, simplicity is the key to progress. Is it a digital strategy? Yes! 

Keep it simple, and you can do some amazing things. However, simplicity is a big challenge when creating whiteboard animation videos. Ideally, your designs should be simple and transparent, allowing your customers to understand your business without knowing your information. 

Have you ever wondered why big companies are doing so well today? They have clear messages that can be promoted over numerous digital platforms. They use various digital strategies to make their business more competitive. So, it plays an important part in your business success.

Add clear voice-over and background music 

First, decide on a tone to describe your service. Then, add a clear voice-over to your video using the specified tone. These techniques are great for keeping in touch with your audience. Finally, this technique helps your audience learn about your services. 

To add narration, you must record your own voice. Make sure your video is clear enough for everyone to see. Use simple, everyday words when recording. After the voice-over, add light and simple background music to your video. It works well to engage the viewers’ attention longer.

Seek emotional references

When considering a whiteboard animation video to promote your business, you need to consider including an expressive appeal to your videos, whether a message or an entire storytelling video. A dynamic reference must exist. But in reality, the whiteboard animation video conveys a complex message. So, process your emotions and use them in your video to appeal to your customers.

Wrapping it up

This type of video content will continue to gain popularity as more businesses understand the worth of whiteboard animation. Plus, with so many businesses using them for marketing today, your competitors may already use them to advertise their services or products. 

Numerous brands are creating whiteboard animation videos and using them as a tool in the shape of tutorials to introduce customers to their products. Some companies also provide board explainer videos to tell the audience about their company and its mission. If you want to stay ahead and sustain your business in this competitive world, you must think about creating these whiteboard animations early.

Mack Chris